Industrial aluminium profile accessories _ framework aluminum fence workbench electrophoresis _ industrial aluminum

by:AAG     2020-11-16
Aluminum specializing in the production of industrial aluminum specifications: sensors guide 1560, 1530 aluminum, aluminum, aluminum extrusions, 2040, 2060, 2020, 2080 3030 aluminum extrusions, 3090, 3060 aluminum, aluminum, aluminum 4040 aluminum extrusions, 4080, 4545 aluminum extrusions, 4590 industrial aluminium profile, industrial aluminum 5050, 50100 industrial aluminium profile, industrial aluminum 6060, 8080 industrial aluminium profile, 100100 industrial aluminum, etc. ; According to the points oubiao t trough aluminum, aluminum groove gb square groove aluminum; According to surface treatment can be divided into: grinding oxide, silver oxide, grind arenaceous electrophoresis. The choose and buy of specifications varieties, to meet your different needs. Aluminum production and sales of aluminum accessories in a variety of forms, a large number of inventory: aluminum Angle code, DCB series zinc alloy Angle code, built-in Angle groove fittings, diagonal block, elastic fasteners, a note fittings, three to fitting, hinge, half shaft fittings
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