Indoor aluminum alloy door of choose and buy of three misunderstandings

by:AAG     2020-11-06

door, it is home reside the first impression to the person, is a matter of face, visitors are always not into the house to see the door first. Door is not only a space partition, show master grade and the pursuit of that occupy the home, if used correctly, can and overall domestic outfit style bring out the best in each other more. When decorating, you can choose what kind of room for family of aluminium alloy door? As a professional production of bedroom of aluminium alloy door production enterprises, we stood in the perspective of consumers, parsing chamber of aluminium alloy door of choose and buy for you, avoid customer error into spending. Buy aluminum alloy doors and Windows must be pure solid aluminum alloy doors and Windows decoration, everybody wants to put the money to use on the blade, act according to actual circumstances, rational consumption, suits own is the best. If you weight is qualitative, be fond of of pure real wood texture and the economic well-off, you might as well the large purchase solid aluminum alloy doors and Windows. As we all know, the more solid aluminum alloy doors and Windows are from rare wood door core, finished product door has no deformation, corrosion resistance, no crack and heat insulation, etc. But if you pay more attention to and the overall domestic outfit style collocation and hopes to cost-effective, solid wood composite door is the best choice. Modelling of solid wood composite door can be referred to as solid wood door, solid aluminum alloy doors and Windows, compared its modelling more diverse: European style, Chinese style, contracted, natural & hellip; … Of different decoration style to give consumers a wide space to choose. High-grade solid wood composite door not only has the characteristics of feel is smooth, colour and lustre downy, also very environmental protection, strong and durable. Advanced solid wood composite door, the door core is a high quality white pine, more surface for solid wood veneer, also not easy to be out of shape, craze. In addition, solid wood composite door with insulation, impact resistance and flame retardant properties, and the sound insulation effect with the solid aluminum alloy doors and Windows are basically the same. Erroneous zone 2: bright color, high brightness of the surface paint more add vigor in modern bedroom to decorate household, people on the premise of meet the residence requirements tend to focus more on household design bring people visual stimulation, pursuit of material and furniture fashion trendy. The surface of bright color, high luminance delight your senses at the same time, the color is likely to cause pollution and light pollution, harm people's health! Color pollution that is not sensational, but interior decoration experts recently to prompt a life information: long-term living in thunder-and-lightning colour can cause visual fatigue, lu: xingcai wholesale not only cause nerve function, body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and so on loss of coordination, restlessness, still can cause dizziness, irritation diet drop, inattention, weakness, insomnia and other symptoms. Light pollution has more beautiful aluminum alloy invisible hinge of aluminium alloy door, door hardware, most people are more concerned about the handle is beautiful, the grip is comfortable, manipulator aluminum is strong and durable, but ignore the quality and stability of the hinges. Especially when the businessman in the name of beauty will hinge hidden inside the door leaf, consumers can't see and touch, it is not only for some businesses & other; Brand packaging & throughout; Founded the state conditions, also left behind potential dangers for consumer use. Because the hinge inside the door leaf, in use process in case of fracture problem hinges unpreparedness to consumer awareness, accident occurs, the entire door plank will fall to the ground, repair can't immediately returned to the factory, only because of the cause of the hinge built-in will repair time extended into a month or more, for customers to use some inconvenience. Thus, when you are picking up of aluminium alloy door, under the premise of considering the big brands, try to choose the leakage hinge, can save some unnecessary trouble. According to the survey showed that young people in living in adornment partial color is bright specular color, make the bedroom is nice and bright, also can to a certain extent, make up for the inadequacy of natural lighting, in the absence of professional guidance, easily more than the body can withstand the range of physiological adaptation caused by light pollution, make the eye stimulation of the retina. According to ophthalmic hospital ophthalmologist Liu Shengde told reporters: light person make the eye fatigue, the person that weigh can cause harm to the human eye cornea and the iris, eyesight will fell sharply, 45% higher than the incidence of cataracts, and easy to make people appear dizziness, upset, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, physical fatigue and similar neurasthenic symptom. Has long been a variety of light pollution in the surrounding environment, also is at present our country juvenile myopia rate is one of the main reasons for high. Therefore, the choice of aluminium alloy door, even if the door plank of color and the overall quality is highly consistent with outfit, for the sake of your health, please don't choose the same colour is gorgeous do adornment of aluminium alloy door, even the monochromatic door plank, also want to abandon the high brightness paint choose inferior smooth paint paint. Alert color pollution and light pollution & ndash; — “ Stealth killer & throughout; In virtually to poison people!
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