In the process of industrial aluminum extrusion temperature changes

by:AAG     2020-11-16
Industrial aluminum extrusion temperature is important process parameters in extrusion process, in order to reduce the deformation resistance of the metal, reduce the extrusion pressure, the need to raise industrial aluminum extrusion temperature. But the extrusion temperature increased to a certain temperature, prone to thermal embrittlement phenomenon, cracks and other defects. In order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, in order to improve the extrusion speed, the need to reduce the extrusion temperature. These two conditions are contradictory, in order to can reduce the deformation resistance, and can use higher extrusion speed, you must select a metal plastic * good temperature range. But industrial aluminum extrusion production process, the metal with the extrusion cylinder liner, mould friction, gasket, and metal itself deformation, etc. , can make the metal temperature, tend to break through the selected extrusion temperature range in advance. Experimental results show: in the whole process of extrusion extrusion temperature is increased, the extrusion speed speed decreased gradually along with the ingot casting metal. Industrial aluminum products end due to the increase of the extrusion temperature and extrusion speed up and often crack phenomenon. Extrusion temperature increases in the process of extrusion is related to the nature of industrial aluminum and extrusion conditions. For industrial aluminum profile, the metal in the mould exit temperature difference of 10 - before and after Between 60 ℃. In order to make the industrial aluminum extrusion process in metal plastic extrusion temperature constant temperature range, good * for isothermal extrusion. This is a new technology of engineering and technical personnel for many years exploration. To implement isothermal extrusion requires a lot of conditions, in the process of extrusion can automatically adjust the each link, such as casting temperature, extrusion cylinder can gradient heating temperature, mould for cooling and can adjust temperature, extrusion speed can automatically change or adopt uniform extrusion. After another mould replacement, due to the extrusion coefficient change, the above-mentioned conditions can also make a corresponding adjustment. Visible to achieve industrial aluminum isothermal extrusion is a very complex process. Now more than with the method of gradient of ingot heating, achieve approximate isothermal extrusion, also can greatly increase the speed of extrusion and improving the quality of products. With computers and programming digital technology in the industrial application of gradually developing in depth, and modern extruding machine is upgrading, equipped with FI control the constant speed of extrusion and TIPS of isothermal extrusion. Operator as long as the option buttons, depending on the equipment automation programming techniques needed to get uniform extrusion or isothermal extrusion.
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