In July 2017 aluminium profile manufacturer production operation analysis

by:AAG     2020-11-07

in July 2017 aluminium profile manufacturer zhuo capacity operation analysis and statistics, as of the end of July domestic aluminum manufacturers smelting enterprises to build capacity in 4497. 80000 tons, the production capacity of 3705. 82, 80000 tons of production capacity availability. 39%, fell 2 month. 9%. According to the province accounting capacity operating ratio dropped to: shandong 9. 44%, 2 in xinjiang. 47%; Accounting operating ratio increased capacity for: 1 in qinghai. 54%. Built in June, domestic production capacity change is not big, operation capacity equivalent to reduce 1. 31 million tons. This month weiqiao aluminum factory estate, response country xinfa aluminum factory house cleaning aluminium profile manufacturer policy violations neo-treasure hill, have shut down the company's production capacity. It is understood that a letter has shut down its plant hair illegal manufacturers production capacity of about 530000 tons of electrolytic aluminium profile, weiqiao plan production capacity 1. 4 million tons of irregularity, including 316 ka electrolytic cell accumulative total more than 60, ten thousand tons of production process remains to be seen.
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