In August the regeneration of industrial aluminum ingot enterprise utilization research

by:AAG     2020-11-10

the regeneration of industrial aluminum ingot enterprises starts August research recently over network media on the country's 100 hebei, shandong, Shanghai, zhejiang, chongqing, guangdong and other 13 regional regeneration of industrial aluminum ingot production enterprises start August situation research, by the chart can be seen that the national industrial aluminum ingot production enterprises in China in August starts from July to modestly. Starts in most parts of the country more than 65%, the henan region affected by the central environmental protection supervision team to scrap market trading was halted, does not conform to the environmental protection standard of smelting, processing plants more choice production inspection, capacity utilization is only 12%; Chongqing, shandong and guangdong area utilization in the domestic top, capacity utilization are 79%, 78% and 74% respectively, including chongqing, guangdong area as the important production base of automobile in our country, the downstream customer have in stock up to 11 motor show, obviously increase the order quantity and aluminum in shandong district water than major, is a fixed customer orders more, enterprise alone has until next month. According to the android and research; The regeneration of industrial aluminum ingot enterprises in China in August are about 63% the average capacity utilization, rose 5%. This month, the domestic spot pattern of industrial aluminum prices stay high consolidation, fundamentals of the federal reserve meeting the same, no new, the dollar index falling oil are rising; Technical speculative funds again push the LME aluminium to highs 1709 dollars/tons, phase plate, snap up price again; Fundamentals of the domestic spot market is relatively rational, maintain a modest growth, but remains relatively low, cautious demand level, downstream, and the price with the enthusiasm is not high, price volatility is limited. Currently aluminum spot month average price is 12629 yuan/ton, from July fell 249 yuan/ton, 1 month-on-month drop. 93%; Domestic industrial aluminum ingot ADC12 gb this month average price 13205 yuan/ton, from July fell 64 yuan/ton, 0 month-on-month drop. 47%; Industrial aluminum ingot non-standard ADC12 average price 11100 yuan/ton, from July fell 150 yuan/ton, 1 month-on-month drop. 33%. Usually industrial aluminum ingot prices more reference spot pricing, industrial aluminum prices but the current domestic industrial aluminum ingot production enterprises consider cost, aluminium scrap ratio gradually increased, so the industrial aluminum ingot price fluctuations than industrial aluminum spot prices. According to zhuo and statistics, there are production qualification regeneration of industrial aluminum ingot enterprise starts for 12 - More than 79%, and focused on more than 65%. Golden nine silver ten approaching, real estate, automobiles, home appliances industry downstream consumption into the peak season, will further boost demand for aluminum products, the regeneration of industrial aluminum ingot enterprises starts late will continue to rise. Zhuo chong is expected in September 2016, domestic industrial aluminum ingot prices still have upside.
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