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how to tack weld aluminum

by:AAG     2020-11-05
Sticky welding is the temporary manufacture of a small solder joint during the construction process to connect two pieces of metal and keep them in place until another welding can be performed, or the process of welding two pieces together in multiple places, so that there is no need to complete the welding.
Nail-welded aluminum can be a difficult process because the melting temperature of aluminum is quite low and does not respond well to most welding processes.
There are a few simple steps to weld aluminum to ensure your project goes smoothly and will not destroy your workpiece because of burning or melting.
Select the right equipment.
There are two kinds of welding equipment that can be used to weld aluminum.
One is the MIG welding device, which operates the appropriate aluminum wire with a slide valve gun at the end of the welding machine.
This method is perfect for welding aluminum quickly and easily, especially if you are already familiar with the process of MIG welding.
The second more complex method is the TIG welding method in which different types of welding machines are used, as well as aluminum bars that melt to glue the workpiece together.
Melt the metal bars or wire on the two pieces of metal you are trying to connect until they come together.
You can do this using radiator compounds such as those sold by the welding supply company, or use a copper \"spoon\" tool to take the heat away from the rest of the work piece while doing sticky welding.
His goal is not to spend too much time welding in one place, otherwise you will burn through aluminum and make a hole.
The use of the radiator also helps to prevent color change of the welded metal.
Stop applying heat to the welding material and pull the end of the tip off the workpiece.
After the welding is cooled, you can clean and process the completed welding.
This includes the use of a wire brush to remove any arc splash or excess metal from the area around the finished weld, and any smoke or residual contamination from the molten electrode that may still be around the weld area.
After cleaning, you can check the weld to make sure the weld looks solid.
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