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how to repair aluminum tent poles

by:AAG     2020-11-05
Tent poles provide rigid structural support for tents, so they tend to absorb a lot of strain over time.
Even the lightweight, durable aluminum tent Rod breaks, and the most common is damage in two forms.
The first is when the impact rope that connects two or three poles into one part is worn out and broken.
The second is when the rod itself is bent under strain or impact.
There is a simple solution to both of these problems and only a few parts and tools are needed.
Description difficulty: medium easy to find a suitable size of metal or wooden ramrod for mounting on the narrower \"male\" end of the pole.
These sticks are not ready yet.
So you need to improvise.
Slide the rod into the tube from the narrow \"male\" end, poke at the knot that holds the old shock cable in place, and move it away, and roll it out to the end of the wider \"female\" tent pole.
Repeat other pole positions.
For easy assembly and storage, the shock rope is used to connect two or three tent poles together.
Measure the length of the assembled tent rod.
There should be indented points at the bottom of the outside pole, where the shock rope is knotted and fixed in place, if so, measured from these points.
For example, two-
Some Poles are 48 inch long, but 44 inch long from dents.
If there is no indent then subtract 4 to 6 inch to compensate as you need to indent yourself to complete the fix.
Cut off a shock cable that takes longer than the tent pole measurement time.
You will want some extra rope to tie the knot. For a 44-
One-inch pole, 50-
Wire length inches.
Set the pole in a straight line, but take it apart.
Pass the wires through the poles, so the extra wires stretch out from the wider \"female\" end of the poles.
Pass one end of the wire through a metal washer small enough that it is easy to fit inside the pole and tie around the pole.
Let a friend hold the pole firmly, or put it in the table vise, pull the knot up and pull it to the dent at the bottom.
If there is no Dent, pull it about 2 inch to the bar and then squeeze that point with pliers to fix the knot.
Repeat step 7 at the other end of the tent pole section.
The result will be a new impact rope that will loosen when the Poles are installed together, but will tighten and be under tension when the Poles are removed.
Stretch the straight bar with your hand and check the area at the bend.
Straight bending often results in aluminum tearing.
Jump directly to step 3 if there is no tear.
File any jagged aluminum bits from the tear with a mill file.
Support the bending on the tent pole by wrapping aluminum flashing around the bend and tear.
Fix the flash with three or four layers of tape.
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