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How to repair aluminum profile extrusion die

by:AAG     2020-11-06

how to repair aluminum profile extrusion mold how to repair mold? A nutshell: the correct analysis and judgment, reasonably adjust the flow rate of the metal. Extrusion die revised main work is: adjust the metal flow distribution ratio ( Such as tap hole or the size of the diversion channel adjustment, electric erosion drainage groove depth adjustment, etc. ) , adjust the contact friction coefficient, hinder the intercept method (such as Such as: stop block, etc. ) And adjust the length of the die working with various methods, such as change the metal to flow speed of die hole, so that the metal flow equably die, produce qualified extrusion products. Aluminum profile so repairing mold researchers must skillfully master the relevant inspection technology, aluminum profile to correctly analyze and judge the causes of product defects, thereby effectively mold modification. Metal supply allocation proportion, mainly by the mold designer and manufacture. After the mould making out, the distribution of the metal is basic fixed proportion. Designers must strive to distribution. If the distribution is not reasonable, which leads to the profile uneven flow velocity of each part, to repair the mold bring certain difficulties, serious when even unable to repair the mould. Although for most of the mold, metal allocation amount have been confirmed, but the frictional resistance between metal and die is can change. So as to achieve the purpose of the metal flow velocity adjustment. The friction between metal and die is composed of three parts: metal and die surface contact friction, die contact friction between belt, relative motion of the friction between metal and metal. Aluminum profile to improve metal and die surface friction conditions, can have the effect of adjusting metal flow velocity. To change the allocation amount of metals, friction condition, the length of the work zone, and extrusion speed are adjustable metal flowing out of die hole. Mold modification, mainly focus on adjusting metal contact friction conditions and die work zone length, etc all kinds of effective methods to change the flow characteristics of the metal, the metal flow equably die, produce qualified profile products. To overcome the defects as a result of the metal flow is uneven, we must study how to make section of each part on metal flow velocity is consistent, this is mold design should follow the principle of repairing mold personnel also follow the basic principles. Although many factors influence the metal flow speed of die hole, but can be summarized as two basic factors: a. Supply section distribution of metal flow rate of each part. The profile area ratio of each part and the ratio of the corresponding supply part of the metal flow are equal; b。 Metal flow, by the size of the frictional resistance, when the supply of material, the more the amount of metal part smaller frictional resistance is, this part profile die out the faster speed, conversely the more slowly.
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