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how to refinish anodized aluminum

by:AAG     2020-11-03
Anode alumina is a special type of metal used for items on homes and vehicles.
In your own home, you may have an anodized aluminum window or even a pot made of this material.
Repairing debris is a process involving harsh chemicals, but patching debris is a completely different process.
You just have to paint the existing metal to give it a new look without using the chemical.
Rub the brush on the surface of the anode alumina and brush off any dust or dirt on the workpiece.
Use a piece of steel wool and cross the surface for the second time.
Move steel wool around aluminum to make its surface rough.
Wipe the anode alumina with a damp cloth and dry it.
Cover any area you don\'t want to apply with tape.
For larger areas, such as glass panes, cover the glass with a small piece of old newspaper and secure it in place with tape.
The tape comes off quickly without leaving any residue.
Dip the brush into the etching primer and apply a thin coating on the anode alumina.
The etching primer is attached to the surface of aluminum and makes a smooth and uniform surface for the paint.
Rinse the brush with clear water and make the primer completely dry within a few hours.
Touch the primer carefully to make sure the primer is completely dry.
Apply a thin layer of paint on the primer surface with a smooth and uniform stroke.
If you want a darker or darker color, wait until the paint dries and the second layer of coating is applied.
After the paint is dry, peel the tape from the anode alumina.
Throw away the tape and any newspaper.
Double check the anodized aluminum and look for paint marks that may drop into other areas or rub into other areas.
Gently scrape off the excess paint with the blade.
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