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how to : make a hydrogen fireball from aluminum foil and toilet bowl cleaner

by:AAG     2020-11-05
Balloons are interesting, but helium balloons are more interesting.
So today, we\'re going to learn how to make hydrogen by combining toilet cleaner with aluminum foil.
With hydrogen you will get the same lighterthan-
The air properties of helium, plus it will explode!
Historically, this has proved disastrous, but for our small-
Scale experiment, safe and interesting!
MaterialsI found the designated toilet cleaner at Wal-Mart.
Step 1 Pour the cleaner into the glass jar and pour 100 ml of the cleaner into the glass jar.
You can estimate it because the reaction size is limited by the amount of aluminum we add later.
As usual, I guess based on the volume label on the bottle.
Step 2 prepare to put 6 inch square tin paper into the bottle.
Don\'t use something bigger because it can cause the bottle to break, the balloon to explode and throw burning liquid around the room.
Crush the foil through the neck of the glass bottle.
Do not make paper greater than 6 inch!
Step 3. Wear safety goggles.
Transfer the experiment to a place where you don\'t mind being soaked in boiling liquid.
Also, be sure to have your balloon ready and ready for the next step.
You can find decent safety goggles in the paint area of the local hardware store.
Step 4, add the foil, cover the bottle, push the crumpled aluminum foil into the bottle and immediately cover the top with a balloon.
You have about 30 seconds before the reaction becomes violent, so do it right away.
Once the balloon is safe, step back a few feet and observe the reaction.
Step 5 harvest hydrogen wait for the bottle to cool and remove the balloon from the top.
Twist it several times before removing it, which will help keep the gas inside while you\'re knotting.
Bring your hydrogen to the outside and light it with a long match.
The gas will disperse and burn when the balloon pops up, so do not use a lighter or regular match.
You are too close to get burned.
I am very excited to make hydrogen.
This inspired the dream of making a drone with a Zeppelin!
What would you do with homemade hydrogen?
Let us know in the comments.
If you try at home, post a video or some photos on the corkboard.
If you have any questions, just click on the forum.
I am always happy to help!
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