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How to improve the production of industrial aluminum rate

by:AAG     2020-11-06

how to improve the production of industrial aluminum extrusion rate of industrial aluminum profiles in today's situation, whether it's automotive, machinery, protection, rail demand increasing, this will naturally think of the cost and resource use of dual problem, so how to improve the yield of industrial aluminum become the urgent matter, a lot of measures to improve productivity, this article mainly talk about some relatively more concrete and practical two measures. 1, advanced equipment and high-quality workers is the premise of increasing production for improve the production of extrusion products, advanced equipment, high-quality workers, modern scientific management plays an important role. In our country, the existing more than 2500 industrial aluminum extrusion machine, reach the international level of around 25 sets, only about 1%, aluminum extrusion industry in China is in the stage of structural adjustment, should avoid to low levels of repeat the introduction and development, a transformation of the existing value of industrial aluminum extrusion machine best transformation into modern high levels of industrial aluminum extrusion machine. 2, temperature control and improve production relations in general, if there are no unscheduled downtime, the maximum yield mainly depends on the extrusion speed, while the latter is subject to the four factors, three of the fixed and the other is variable. The first factor is the industrial aluminum extrusion machine of extrusion, extrusion pressure big can be smoothly during ingot billet temperature low extrusion; The second factor is the die design, extrusion of metal friction between the die wall usually can be made by aluminum alloy temperature rise of 35 ~ 62 ℃; The characteristics of the third factor is squeezed alloy is uncontrollable factors to limit the extrusion speed, the profile of the outlet temperature shall generally not exceed 540 ℃, otherwise, the surface quality is reduced, mould mark increase obviously, appear even glued aluminum, gravure, microfracture, tear, etc. The last factor is the temperature and degree of controlled.
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