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How to improve the aluminum extrusion yield?

by:AAG     2020-11-10

how to improve the aluminum extrusion yield? How to improve the aluminum extrusion yield? The following Suggestions for aluminium profile extrusion operators and aluminum extrusion inspector reference: (1) quality control: the machine quality inspection to take. Prospective; Malicious way of inspection, the so-called & quot; Fast & quot; Is the inspection hard-working in time; ” Quasi & quot; Is to be familiar with the national standards; Internal control standards; Standards of different customers and different surface treatment, corresponding surface treatment of test sample made when necessary, can never appear misjudgment and overweight acceptance phenomenon in special circumstances decide not to immediately inform related personnel; ” Malicious & quot; Implement a system is to position and implement majesty. (2) monitor of aluminum extrusion, cannot pull the wrong mould, can't write wrong GenZongKa, to actively do a good job quality self-check first inspection and process inspection. (3) host operator ( Generation of the monitor) : the work actively cooperate with the monitor, to verify each mold, good control of the three temperature, according to the different surface treatment of different types of structure and flexible mastering of material flow velocity condition, check out material quality status, responsible for wall thickness; Forming degree; Rush collapse and drag rotten or drag inside; Precise profiles of different specifications and varieties of material after cutting into intermediate head is long enough. (4) interrupt: interrupt is also a very important position, found the quality problem to be the first time told the monitor or monitor of generation, each mold computer out to check the discharging mouth of the lifting height and graphite blocks and hot rolling are in good condition, because they will directly affect the material forming degree, promptly open the fan, check whether conveyor belt transport process smooth and effective. If discover to there is bubble material surface oil bubble; Rush collapse rotten to obvious marking on the profile, prevent into the next process. 5. Straightening work ( Blend; Scale cutting; Frame work) : each material in the way to fully inspect surface quality, can't let section pile too much on the cooling bed, so as to avoid rubbing, bruised hollow profile should choose suitable stopper to prevent the occurrence of excessive deformation beheaded. If there is any assembly relation in this batch of orders to take corresponding surface treatment types of template match shall prevail, in order to control the direct tensile rate. Blend, pay attention to the different surface treatment materials have different ways to blend, blank; Oxide sandblasting material; ” Oxidation electrophoresis light fabric & quot; As far as possible will not decoration face down or not decorative surface and face, keep the gap between the profile and the branch to avoid decorative surface clean; Touch; Blow; Stroke; Injury. Scale to consider before cutting head material waste tail is long enough, if discover the whole material or batch is not long enough to immediately notify interrupt or boot hand, carefully check whether profile end after cutting deformation, as a result of cutting deformation can slow the appropriate cutting speed. Insulation material ( Special orders indicate the strict according to the customers' acceptance of the bending twisting, not specified by the high precision level acceptance of the order) Frame before each material must be a qualified platform to frame, shape more complex frame of every article easy to crush after profile will be separated each layer placed flat tube, strict surface quality of the products with a high temperature felt single interval, every article must be clean and tidy.
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