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how to cut anodized aluminum

by:AAG     2020-11-03
Anode Oxidation is the process of treating aluminum using chemical oxidation surfaces.
The oxidation process slightly changes the color of the aluminum, but also makes the shell hard, making the aluminum more durable.
From the wok to satellite dishes and motorcycle parts, the anode alumina is used.
While the process of oxidation of the anode will harden the aluminum, you can still cut the metal fairly easily using traditional woodworking and cutting saws.
Place a straight edge in the position of the anode alumina, where you want to cut it and mark the position with the mark.
Place the anodized aluminum parts on the work table so you can cut at least two or 3 inch off the work table.
Fix the items in place with a table clip.
Insert the 7 1/4 carbide blade into the standard bench saw using the instruction manual of the saw.
By firmly rubbing the candle on the aluminum, lubricate the marking line on the aluminum with a thin candle coating.
This will prevent the aluminum from blocking the aliasing when cutting.
Wear safety glasses and open the saw.
Start Wire cutting aluminum along the mark.
Feed aluminum into the saw at a slower rate than cutting wood.
Continue until you cross the anode alumina all the way.
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