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How to control the degreasing tank

by:AAG     2020-11-08

how to control the degreasing tank. Appropriate to improve the use of bath temperature in the process of metal workpiece processing before cleaning, according to the characteristics of degreasing agent products, aluminum manufacturers properly increasing the use of bath temperature, not only can further improve the cleaning effect of degreasing agent, can significantly reduce the bubbles in the bath. two Adjust equipment parameters to strengthen the preventive maintenance of equipment, can reduce the production hidden danger of equipment failure. In the process of production, from bubbles in the bath to control the following three aspects: 1) Check the circulating pump sealing, prevent caused by untight seal involved in air bubble in the process of circulation anomaly; 2) Check the pressure of the spray cleaning, high foam, aluminum alloy profile while guarantee the cleaning effect is appropriate to reduce the pressure of the spray cleaning. 3) Screening degreasing process ultrafiltration equipment, prevent degreasing is separated from its defoaming components, thereby reducing defoaming properties of degreasing bath itself; 3. Process adjustment in the process, bath to skim foam control, can be in degreasing bath liquid bath extra adding defoaming agent to control the bubble; On the other hand can through increase after degreasing bath water washing water overflow or changed often, so that we can control the bath bubble overflow problem; In addition, still can be appropriately increased after the degreasing process to the washing time of waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, reduce after degreasing bath in the water to the amount, to control the water to wash the bubbles in the water. Four. Choose environmental protection type low foam, alkaline degreasing agent at present, the auxiliary alkaline degreaser choose most still is given priority to with phosphate, but with the extensive application of water-based cleaning agent, aluminum manufacturers raw phosphorus chemicals released into the environment causing eutrophication pollution problem increasingly prominent, in today's increasingly strict environmental requirement, choose the requirements of environmental protection cleaner is higher and higher.
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