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How to control the color difference in powder coating production problem

by:AAG     2020-11-08

1. Improve the control standards for those color highly demanding customers ( Such as Δ E≤ 0. 4) Or a slight color difference but the visual changes significantly product ( As with red or yellow light) , must improve the quality control standard and strengthen the visual check. General product enterprises control the color difference Δ E≤ 1, part for Δ E≤ 0. 5, and most of the single light, it is easy to cause visual color difference is obvious. In order to strengthen control, must request all kinds of light color difference ( As for Δ E≤ 0. 5) , but also by visual detection, proofreading, audit personnel, qualified to achieve consistently. 2. Increase the raw material purchasing batch even larger raw material manufacturers products especially pigment also universal existence chromatism between batches, some the color of the powder coating product is sensitive to its special, best efforts also no guarantee that the color spot color personnel in accordance with previous. Raw material suppliers proposed that a single batch of powder manufacturer to increase purchases batches to ensure that the products of the same color, have certain improvement effect, control of some important customers, products, and it is necessary to take such measures. 3. Product inventory coating customer order is set according to the workpiece machining batch, many customers order less, difficult to powder coating production and quality control. For those year-round and can't use the same product batch of excess order customer, powder coatings manufacturers might as well on the basis of sufficient demonstration, less number of mass production, getting the product inventory, coating customers also Suggestions and welcome this practice. 4. To strengthen technical service occurrence chromatism general after-sale technical service work, while the pre-sale technical service can reduce the occurrence of off color problem well. Color slight fluctuations, customer base can accept, but constant complaining would cause customers strong fluctuations or deviation, regular visits, advanced communication can quickly find problems, timely corrected. For the color difference is too large, the customer refused to use the product, to quickly to changing; When a customer supporting the use of coating color wobbles, molding, to communicate with customers in time, avoid excessive customers on the basis of the standard deviation ( A lot of customers will get coatings, molding products to the color of the powder coating), ; Timely visit can also understand customer information at any time, to actively adjust the product to meet customer demand. 5. Library construction paint to solve the root of the problem is that color pigments varieties complete, but comprehensive based pigment library requires a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources, is a long-term continuous process, but also can't guarantee completely in line with business needs, companies are also not for a small orders will bear the whole packaging new pigment may be the risk of inventory a few years. Limited in an infinite number of the pigment color theory and the actual inventory is indeed a great contradiction. A coordinated approach is rich in pigment varieties, such as green paint, want to have yellow, blue, red to orange and purple; Second, complete specifications, such as affordable, high quality, domestic and foreign, lead lead-free, etc. ; Three goods, is set, and high profits on sales or important customer products need to paint, such as positive sampling standby; For some special paint (four is technical reserves, Such as high prices, excellent quality, special needs or new) , sampling, storage, or to try. Summarize the colour and quality is the most basic and important in the production of powder coatings technology, the current many enterprises still in the low efficiency of pure manual operation, some have begun to use chromatic meter's assistance, and the country's main powder coating, the color matching technology is only master in the hands of a few key technical personnel, the production line quality inspection personnel also only use visual fine-tuning the product color. But with the continuous development of powder paint coating, many managers have come to recognize the color matching instrument brings to the enterprise efficiency and quality assurance, the use of color measurement instrument will gradually popularized, technicians only instrumental distribution technology combined with visual judgment and experience fully, can truly to do a good job of color measurement and control powder coating product.
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