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How to avoid industrial aluminum hard through low?

by:AAG     2020-11-16
Out of aluminum extrusion production, without before aging hardness is low, cannot be used as the finished product, therefore, generally speaking, all must be improving strength after aging. Industrial aluminum hardness is one of the important factors in checking the quality of aluminum products, many manufacturers of industrial aluminum hardness is not enough, how can avoid the industrial aluminum hard through low? Actually improve the aluminum hardness is need to pay attention to many aspects, such as aluminum, aluminum aging temperature setting and control thermal insulation, aluminum extrusion to frame, aluminum furnace charging are strict process and need to pay attention to detail, foshan bright surplus decoration together with you to understand how to avoid the low industrial aluminum hard. 1, aluminum extrusion temperature setting and control: usually, temperature and table show temperature has certain error, setting temperature table have to be set according to the actual temperature of the furnace, and pay close attention to temperature fluctuations. 2, aluminum furnace charging before 6 XXX to other special alloys is separated from ordinary 6063 alloy furnace charging time, due to the reason of production do with oven aging, to use special alloys for aging. 3, aluminum aging heat preservation: in strict accordance with the technical requirements for aging, heat preservation time should be appropriate, due to age or to prevent short ageing hardness is not enough. Blank frame, furnace charging 4, aluminum extrusion to frame cannot be too close, between material and material to be removed, lu: xingcai especially unventilated sauce, thick interval is more bigger, pipe material and small materials, sheet and packed in a wooden box, like this is advantageous to the aging cycle air supply pipe material.
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