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How to apply anodic oxidation treatment technology to oxidation production line

by:AAG     2020-11-09

the current production of the anodic oxidation process of aluminum aluminum products accounted for about half of the construction market. How to apply modern technology to oxidation production line, in order to improve the production efficiency, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction is the core of the years of aluminum processing enterprises focus on the problem. Modern aluminum oxide production line, the application of information technology is different, many companies are in the study of information. In general, these studies and implementation are local. The local information systems as a information island, the connection between each other by human input, very prone to human error, led to a decline in production efficiency; Most of the enterprise production control system to control the process of using cable transmission, high wiring requirements, increase the cost. Study and application of information technology and high frequency power supply can make industrial production efficiency and energy saving electricity increased by 10%, 25% and reduce emissions and pollution. Therefore, aluminum information technology and the high frequency rectifier machine, the application of aluminum oxide processing can realize the transformation of industrial structure of the key enterprises. Information fusion are introduced in this paper, the wireless control and automatic packaging and high frequency power supply technology in the application of vertical oxidation production line. Technical characteristics of anodic oxidation is the most commonly used method, aluminum processing, therefore, in view of the silicon rectifier machine with high-frequency rectifier oxide contrast to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, improve the production efficiency has the very good demonstration effect. 1, the development situation of the rectifier machine rectification power source is the aluminum oxide oxidation process indispensable important equipment, its performance index to a large extent determines the anodized industrial production levels, product quality and energy saving effect. Early dc generator is oxide industry's first generation of power supply, because of the high power rectifier to 60 s produce oxide industry appeared the second generation of the power & ndash; — Silicon rectifier machine, but the power of the two generations are bulky, low energy consumption, output indicators and the poor precision, control inconvenience such as faults, later gradually by the third generation of rectifier machine & ndash; — Silicon controlled rectifier machine is replaced. Silicon controlled rectifier machine with high precision, easy to control in the 70 s gradually has been widely used in the future. But the silicon controlled rectifier machine is heavy supplies high power frequency transformer as the foundation, so the volume big, bulky, high power supplies energy intensive shortcomings still exist. Again due to the adjustment of the voltage and current of the power supply is on the open Angle of silicon controlled rectifier to control, so will produce a large number of harmonic, pollution to power grid, because the working frequency of silicon controlled rectifier in low frequency band ( 50~60Hz) , so it's not easy to be absorbed by the filter, which obviously does not accord with the requirement of clean production. In this case, can overcome many shortcomings of the fourth generation of rectifier thyristor rectifier & ndash; — High frequency power supply oxide arises at the historic moment. High frequency aluminum oxide not only small volume, low consumables, high efficiency and high precision, easy to control, so quickly accepted by oxidation industry. As long as it is a little advanced countries on international has been basically eliminated the silicon controlled rectifier machine. Domestic oxide industry application of high frequency switch power supply is becoming more and more popular.
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