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How much is a ton of aluminum alloy profile aluminium alloy profile is good

by:AAG     2020-11-06

the use of aluminum profile has the prominent function, the function of wind pressure strength, water leakage air penetration function, function, air acoustic sound insulation effect, heat preservation function and open/close function, etc. , all reach the national standard rules. So how much is a ton of aluminum alloy profile, aluminum profile, ok? To this, we might as well let's look at the specific circumstances. How much is a ton of aluminum alloy profile: 1. Aluminum price in 7000 yuan a ton,; And processing because of the characteristics of the aluminum alloy material, aluminum production, equipment and finished products can reach higher precision, for building palisade structure energy saving plan and request to supply the best to use safety specification and the necessary conditions. 2. Way is usually the aluminum material accounting and kneading costs and spraying aluminum ingots price that is not a brand offer in profile factory factory price is 17000 yuan a ton of this quotation for spray profiles offer and electrophoresis fluorocarbon coating more expensive. 3. Beauty cabinet aluminum offer around $18 a kilo, maybe a little difference between different area. Domestic profile quotation usually intermediate around a 700 - square - metre, high of 1000 yuan. 4. Let's see more of the aluminium alloy is usually on its home may be the window, aluminium alloy profile specific quotation is still the demand according to the customer's request to order, you use what attitude of material, usually of push-pull window quotation - in 200 Around 300, 90 type = price in 600 - Around 700, the blinds quotation - in 300 Before 400, casement Windows offer - in 400 500. Aluminum profile aluminium alloy profile is good: 1, according to its use can be divided into the construction of aluminium alloy profiles, radiators aluminum profile, industrial aluminum profile, aluminum profile track vehicle structure and frame aluminum alloy profiles of five kinds of types. And usually produce industrial aluminum used in industry production, such as the initiative of mechanical equipment, sealing cover skeleton and companies according to their request custom mould machinery and equipment, such as assembly line conveyor belt, advance machine, glue machine, check equipment, shelves, etc. , electronic machinery professional and clean room use. Aluminum profile track vehicle structure, best to used to track vehicles bodywork production. Forming aluminum alloy frame, aluminum frame, system frame of various exhibitions, decoration paintings. 2, aluminum alloy profile specification is usually best to 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80, 90, 100 mm series of specifications, such as aluminum profile during the specification of a smaller series of aluminium alloy door with the scale of the series is large. And usually divided into aluminum profile specification, section shape, wall thickness, dimensions, length scales, etc. These elements. In addition to building curtain wall series aluminum profile, industrial aluminum not clear on the type of distinction, greatly produce factory are processed according to the practice of the customer drawing. According to the processing of aluminum after kneading skills, roots can be divided into on in oxidation, electrophoresis, electrostatic powder coating, fluorine carbon spraying, this also is said coating is not the same.
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