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How many people in Asia Aluminum export department?
In Zhaoqing Asia Aluminum Factory Co. Ltd., the number of workers in the export sector makes up 30%. We have developed export business for several years. All workers in the export sector are experienced and well trained. Multi-language support is also available. We will continue to enlarge exports in the future.

Asia Aluminum has developed into the world's leading manufacturer. aluminum profile produced by Asia Aluminum is very popular in the market. AAG aluminum in cars's quality is guaranteed. Its manufacturing process pays attention to consumer safety by ensuring compliance with health standards in the production process. The product is widely accepted by sufficient rigidity. roof solar mounting has received reliable reputation in international market. It can be widely found in the industries of aerospace, rail transportation, electronic appliances, IT and so on.

We ensure our impact on the environment is minimized when achieving our business growth. We ask our staff to conduct all activities in a sustainable manner.
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