How many aluminium door frame are produced by Asia Aluminum per month?
With advanced domestic and international manufacturing gear, Zhaoqing Asia Aluminum Factory Co. Ltd. achieves good monthly production quantity. Since inception, we've received an increasing amount of orders and also this has therefore motivated a larger production capacity of the mill. We will pursue additional growth of power in the long run.
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Through continuous innovation, Asia Aluminum has become an advanced enterprise in the field of solar panel roof mounting kits. The curtain wall frame is one of the main products of Asia Aluminum. The product is highly resistant to bacteria. As the surface is non-porous. it doesn't allow any dirt or spills to sit and serve as a breeding site for germs. The product is easy to assemble and dismantle. Quality for aluminum solar panel frame is guaranteed by solar panel ground mounting. The product is made of totally recyclable materials.

AAG has been bearing the notion of ethics management in the mind. Inquire!

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