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Housing comprehensive cooling metal strong differentiation

by:AAG     2020-11-06

1, because today China faces 30 billion yuan reverse repurchase due, RMB 39. 5 billion expire MLF, net 170 billion yuan, the central bank today for the second consecutive trading day net. Look from GC007 rates, recently have low back to sign up again, particularly sharply rebounded today, so the central bank's move, or to help ease liquidity in the market to give priority to. Fifth financial work conference held last week, aluminum alloy profile interpretation market participants also say, considering the effect of monetary policy during the first half of the objective on tight, is expected in the second half of the monetary policy will tend to moderate, rather than continue to tighten. The meeting & other Reduce throughout the real economy & the cost of financing; , and tightening monetary policy may no longer, because the squeeze will lead to the financing costs rise further. 2, the latest data released by this morning, June 15 a line and hot second-tier cities new commodity housing price year-on-year all back. Continuous fermentation showed in the first half of the property market regulation policy, cool the property market is obvious. According to foreign media reports, in the United States also have two republican senators the vote on the bill, that means it is difficult to get through, combined with the recent U. S. economic data a broad retreat, released on Friday June retail sales and CPI rate are underperforming, and released overnight in July dropped sharply in the New York fed manufacturing index from the previous value, booster quickly fell below $95 mark this morning again, pushing the euro rose to a 14-month high. Euro-zone inflation in Europe since the beginning of the last fall, despite the rise in core inflation to deduct the unprocessed food and energy, raising the market this week the European central bank interest rate decision or continue to maintain a cautious rhetoric is expected, but data released overnight after the euro is not affected, cause the dollar continues to fall, limit the euro. Other market prices in the near future again, but soon was a bombshell to reassure rally, cause Ecuador's oil minister said on Monday that the country is in deep economic crisis, finance sustain, countries face & other; Economic situation & throughout; Aluminum profile, no longer have the ability to perform the OPEC 2. The production of 60000 barrels per day. Beauty oil 08 contract ends, dragged down by the comments may even rise, return to fall, drop more than 1%. Venezuela also due to the economic deterioration in urgent need of crude oil in terms of income, so the market thinks there is out of production. Will that the performance of the production agreement strictly for other countries have a bad head, to make deals crumble, remains to be seen, the oil price movements still lives on the line. 【 Technical analysis 】 The internal political instability, poor economic data contribute to the dollar's decline, has a strong this morning below the 95 mark. Dollar weakening, or continue to commodity moves constitute a boost. Although overnight because of a shortage of continue to trend higher kinetic energy, many varieties is showing signs of high rushed down, but because of the support is still significantly below, so the base metal or continue to maintain strong volatility as a whole. Recent aluminum, nickel has significant differences are based on their respective fundamental change, will be expected to discriminate.
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