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homemade diy metal foundry - how to melt aluminum and create a motorcycle part

by:AAG     2020-11-05
It has never been so easy to make a homemade metal foundry or forge, in this episode we will make a foundry to melt aluminum and make motorcycle parts.
In order to make the mini forging, we need some sand, fire resistant mortar and water, and then there are some other tools and parts that you can find in the video.
The metal casting project is driven by a propane torch.
By the end of this episode, we will learn how to make a metal foundry at home. -
Mix sand, refractory mortar and water-
Pour the mixture into the bucket-
Prepare lead mold-
Pour the lead mixture-let dry -
The second video file details the testing of the stove and explores some of the costs and donations.
We will use our metal foundry to cast some aluminum ingots and in our case we will melt the aluminum to make some motorcycle parts, especially the foot nails.
But before we start our fresh homemade melting pot for the first time, we will make some aluminum muffins.
We will also test our diy crucible to see if you can melt the metal with it.
We will start with some of the aluminum pieces left on the cnc machine, but we will be surprised. . . stay tuned.
What did we do?
First aluminum melting test using cnc chip
Test operating temperature and heat resistance of furnace
Cut the recovered pieces of aluminum for reuse-
Aluminum melting in backyard foundry
Skimming impurities-
Casting Aluminum silencers in Part 3, which is the last chapter of the metal casting engineering, I will try to make the actual motorcycle parts by designing them and using polystyrene mold casting.
I\'m going to test one of the hot polystyrene wire cutting units to design the mold buried in the sand and have the melted metal replaced.
We will do a few tests and we will do the final test on our homemade mini forging.
I finally bought some aluminum castings for my motorcycle! What did we do?
Design the shape of the part
Transfer the design to polystyrene-
Test hot wire polystyrene cutter-
Prepare the pouring channel-
Sand packaging around polystyrene molds for casting-
Pouring of molten aluminum in casting mold-
Parts cleaning and sending-
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