Aluminum tube and square

Holly: futures on August 29, aluminum early reviews

by:AAG     2020-11-07

the Xinhua News Agency, China's foreign ministry, said on August 28, 30 points, 14 PM India will cross the Indian side of the personnel and equipment to withdraw all boundaries, the field staff confirmed. The financial times, said Cohen, director of the White House national economic council, trump will vigorously promote tax reform within a week. The euro zone: July year-on-year + 4 M3 money supply. 5% expected. 4. Before the value 9%, 5%. European monetary policy tightening, aluminum trump trying to advance economic stimulus policies, economic fundamentals cooling. Sino-indian border standoff over, but today, north Korea launched a missile over Japan, aluminum market risk aversion to heat up again, may cause stress of non-ferrous metal prices. Overnight and a weaker dollar to new lows, non-ferrous metal supported, aluminum fence copper prices high and volatile. Yesterday's stock exchange was closed, high aluminum overnight COMEX copper rushed back closed out on lead, slightly low open today. Shanghai copper once after record down to a small Yin line, short-term Shanghai copper is still upward along a 5 daily average line. But the rest of the nonferrous metals are present obvious head shape, Shanghai copper mid may be under pressure. Under the pressure above 53300, 10 51830 - day moving average support. Overnight and a weaker dollar to new lows, non-ferrous metal supported, Shanghai aluminum in 5 daily average line trading near the cross. Shanghai aluminum below 5 and 10 - day moving average, short-term technical pressure obviously, May 20 daily average lines down test. Under the pressure above 16500, 20 15910 - day moving average support.
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