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Hejin power alumina and aluminium processing industry to upgrade traditional industries

by:AAG     2020-11-10

hejin power of alumina and electrolytic aluminum deep processing industry upgrading traditional industries SMM net news: since this year, hejin to speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development as the main line, increase the intensity of industrial investment, investment focus our emerging industry and industrial technology reform and innovation, make the city's industrial economy further improve the quality and development potential. Transform and upgrade traditional industries. Aluminum industry around alumina and aluminium processing two main line, strengthen the dock with the scientific research institutes, the introduction of powerful processing enterprise, actively promote HuaZe 2 & times; 350 mw low calorific value coal, chinalco bayer process of old system upgrade, xin galactic aluminum deep processing, such as key projects, strive to build the country's one million tons of aluminum recycling industry base. Coking industry to speed up to & other; Coking and throughout &; , guiding the coking enterprises around the deep processing of coal tar deep processing, deep processing of coke oven gas, crude benzene three path, focus on promoting technology, products, management innovation, accelerate the sunshine huatai 720000 tons of coal tar deep processing, huatai 2 - sunshine Naphthol and other key projects, promote transformation and upgrading of coking enterprise loss-mitigation efficiency and. Iron and steel industry, with emphasis on the merger, reorganization and upgrading, focus on the joint of high-performance engine cylinder head, cylinder body awake for mechanical reducer phase ii, triumph international container, such as project, strengthen industry competition ability. Speed up the development of new industries. Make full use of hejin of resource, energy, industrial advantages, focus on xu spring 3. 25 mw photovoltaic roof distributed, national Chang 20 mw distributed photovoltaic power generation, HuaBaoFeng compound wood floor, with chemical chemical intermediates and environmental water paint and other key projects, by foster and strengthen competitive industries, new pillar and become bigger and stronger chemical and aluminum deep processing industry cluster, creat the hejin upgrade of the industrial economy.
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