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Hard anodized aluminum processing for the selection of dyes

by:AAG     2020-11-06

as you know, different products and there is a certain relationship between the different dye. If we choose the dye is not ideal, so may not achieve the ideal effect of dyeing. In aluminum oxide processing, this is so. We should not only consider the dye cost, at the same time considering the effect of color is needed. Only in this way, to conform to the requirements of the processing. In the process of selection, we will find, to consider the question very much, but also involved in a very wide range. For example if you need to color matching, then we also need to fully understand the composition of different dyes, the solubility, dyeing rate, color fastness, consumption rate and PH value etc. Usually, it is best to choose performance close to dye for color matching. So, aluminum is conducive to realize the control of the aluminum oxide processing technology conditions, at the same time also can achieve a better quality of dyeing. In the current market, all kinds of dye is unusually rich products, so must pay more attention on the choice. When determining a good dye, we also need to be aware of is that of organic dyes in aluminum oxide processing technology, and how to correct control. For this problem, we can be divided into two cases to consider. The first case, if is for multi-color dyeing, that is to say, in the aluminum oxide processing, need on aluminum extrusions, with two or more different color, so, this time is the best to complete by printing technology. As for the plate, might as well choose type and silk screen version, such as anti staining can use direct printing, coating, or are dying of foam plastic, etc. The second case, if is monochrome dyeing, that is to say, in aluminum oxide processing, the need for aluminum with a certain color. In this case, we need to aluminum, set into a good soak in the dye solution, it is important to note that should control the temperature, and grasp the proper time. Only in this way, can achieve better paint quality.
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