Aluminum tube and square

Hanging rack LCD splicing screen wall console special holder

by:AAG     2020-11-13
Our company is a manufacturer, can free design, welcome calls to co-operate! ! Size: 42 46 55 to 60 inches splicing adjustable support frame screen. Characteristics: durable, stable. Adopt the internationally used aluminium alloy profile and Angle of cast aluminum alloy parts. Use scope: is the most authoritative professional product in China. Has been widely used in China telecom, mobile and TV monitoring, digital city, etc. Structure: aluminum alloy main racks, regulation pole, regulating shaft bracket, the horizontal and vertical and horizontal adjusting knob, base height adjustment hooves, etc. Components: fixed screen part base anchor rod baffle before partition board side baffles ( Another cost) Payment can be made according to customer requirements, drawings processing, lightning within 72 hours after delivery! !
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