Guangfa futures: on July 31, early evaluation of non-ferrous metal

by:AAG     2020-11-07

aluminum: the dollar fall, Aaron aluminium 1911. 5. Inventory, Aaron aluminium stocks fell to 1. 36 million tons, aluminum profile Shanghai aluminum stocks rose to 45. 60000 tons. Spot, downstream enterprise basic completed ready for the weekend on Thursday, Friday, light volume. Production gradually decrease, the effect of aluminium high pressure. Copper: copper is high, the grocers preservation quilt cover, supply and demand both sides the sidelines, aluminum profile liter discount discount rigidity in 100 yuan/ton Discount for 50 yuan/ton range. Near every month basis from one hundred yuan to 150 yuan/tons, speculative profits are actively expanding premium, traders receiving hesitation, downstream feared high, strong is weak character, in Shanghai. Zinc: the Shanghai market 0 # zinc to Shanghai zinc premium 50-1708 contracts Premium near 120 yuan/ton, domestic 0 # ordinary brand discount previous expand near 40 yuan/ton, 0 # double yan premium previous narrow near 60 yuan/ton. Zinc aluminum refinery normal shipment, but imports into the small, the market is given priority to with digesting the original source, downstream the dips on-demand procurement, overall deal less than the previous. Shanghai zinc on the sidelines. Nickel: the dollar down, Aaron nickel to 10270. Continuous weaker dollar supported nickel prices to rise. Aluminum profile recent nickel prices rebounded sharply makes nickel iron works began to turn good profit situation, low nickel iron works by environmental pressure and production strength is not high, high nickel iron works short-term the possibility of a large number of production is not too high, after nickel iron will gradually make up the gap by Indonesian imports. Disk on the nickel has been above the brin rail, long mood is strong, good technical.
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