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by:AAG     2020-11-08

recently, the guangdong foshan released full aluminium household industry standard alliance 'aluminum alloy furniture' furniture USES the aluminum alloy profiles, two league standards. The observers, here two standards will provide a new kinetic energy, green help aluminum profile, furniture superposition of two traditional advantage industry to derive the whole aluminum furniture industry saving energy and reducing consumption, and to promote the transformation and upgrading of industry, industrial structure optimization criterion development, has played a leading role. Foshan aluminum industry developed, special status, is home to our country civil aluminum, industrial scale is biggest, the most perfect in the industry of aluminum production and marketing, distribution center, has a group of more than 1 billion yuan output value of enterprises. Furniture industry also developed, all kinds of furniture products sold at home and abroad market. At present, in the consumer to upgrade and supply side structural environment, the reform of household industry is facing a standard upgrade, such as multiple competitive pressure, the aluminum production industry overcapacity and industry & other; Green & throughout; The development of the transformation, also make the aluminum industry facing difficulties. Foshan in standard alliance as a link, make aluminum and traditional furniture industry & other; Marriage & throughout; , make the superposition of two of the traditional advantage industry development, for the whole aluminum household green emerging industry development opportunities. Whole aluminum furniture compared to other materials, with green environmental protection, zero - formaldehyde, zero pollution, no crack, deformation, fire waterproof, recyclable and other significant advantages. In recent years, aluminum manufacturers foshan full aluminium household industry rapid growth, there have been hundreds of enterprise production and management all aluminum household products. However, in the process of industrial development, lack of standard, vicious competition, product homogeneity and quality is uneven, and many other problems. Foshan city pledges inspect bureau by standard alliance, promote the establishment of the whole aluminum furniture aluminum manufacturers develop alliance standards industry healthy development. The standard alliance with foshan quality research and standardization, standardization association for technical support institutions, collection jianmei, great and broad, huachang, xingfa industry leading backbone enterprises, a total of 17 building & other; Production, study and research & throughout; As one of the standard alliance, further strengthens the enterprise cooperation, to develop core and common technology. A is for the production, research and development, distribution, sales, training, after-sales service and so on each link for standard specification, unified, improve the technical threshold. The second is to promote enterprises to jointly develop the market, to avoid a campaign at a lower price, increase market competitiveness. 3 it is to guide the enterprises to participate in research at home and abroad standards, for China's whole aluminum household product standards of international voice. Four is to build standard household products, production technology, operation mode and service of the whole aluminum business business ecosystem. Two union standards issued, in order to promote the whole aluminum household industry healthy, efficient and sustainable development to provide technical support. The standards of the aluminum alloy furniture union, clear the whole aluminum furniture industry positioning, for & other; High precision assembly quality & throughout; And & other Green environmental protection & throughout; Put forward clear requirements. In terms of quality of high precision assembly, because the whole aluminum furniture aluminum profile is used for most of the materials, assembling way for splicing machine card slot, so the standard clearly put forward from the seam, assemble highly poor assembly quality requirements, fully reflects the whole aluminum furniture aluminum producers spliced assembly of high precision level. In the green environmental protection, in view of the traditional furniture harmful material set limit to, may involve in the standard explicitly proposed the formaldehyde zero emissions and limited value of the soluble heavy metals lead, cadmium, mercury, for & other; Green environmental protection & throughout; The escort. The whole aluminum furniture USES aluminium alloy profile union standards, has been clear about the different USES of products on the material selection of performance indicators. First clear the size of the profile deviation, wall thickness and other key indicators affecting the quality of the finished product, from material size grades of emerging industrial profiles such as standard lead and specifications. Second level with high precision manufacturing precision meet the aluminum furniture from sewing, assembled height difference assembly requirement, in order to satisfy the demands of the high quality of the consumer market. Especially for material harmful material set limit to, from its source to ensure all aluminum industrial chain of green environmental protection furniture. With two league standards promulgated, the standard alliance will also to meet the needs of industrial development, in the whole aluminum alloy furniture hardware accessories, decoration parts standard parts and different USES of series of aluminum alloy furniture, to carry out the relevant union ( Group) The development of the standard. To make the standard alliance play a more important role in industrial development, will be in foshan city pledges inspect bureau to promote the implementation of the standard alliance, aspects and so on to strengthen the support. Special funds at the same time, the use of standard strategy, increase support, and encourage foshan for more union ( Group) Standard, play a leading role in the development of standardization in the service industry.
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