Groove side ventilation extruding aluminium profile

by:AAG     2020-11-07

groove machine profiles ( U type machine, u-shaped slot) Is one of the condole top material production in recent years, aluminum rectangular tube with open - - - Put the vision, ventilation, air permeability, the neat lines and lively, distinct, reflected the modern style of simplicity and clear, simple and convenient installation disassembly, has become one of the popular decoration market main products, aluminum rectangular tube can be mainly divided into aluminum plate aluminum box section and profile aluminum rectangular tube. Aluminum plate aluminum rectangular tube through continuous rolling or cold bending forming, the installation structure is special keel card buckle type structure, installation method similar to the ordinary bar gusset plate, simple and convenient, suitable for indoor decoration ( Keel can design wind card code) 。 Profile has distinguishing feature aluminum box section aluminum extrusion ventilation, hardness, straightness, far more than other products installed for use of the upper primary bone structure, with screws and connection, artifacts and profile hammer, strong wind resistance, suitable for outdoor decoration ( Keel spacing can be adjusted) 。 Bent into a special box section aluminum korah arc, arc aluminum rectangular tube provide wider vision space for designers, to create a unique and beautiful work. Installation of different aluminum rectangular tube is can choose different height and spacing, can be held high, a thin, plus reasonable colour collocation, aluminum profile to design a kaleidoscope, aluminum fence can design different adornment effect. At the same time, because the aluminum rectangular tube is TongTouShi, can put the lamps and lanterns, air-conditioning system, fire fighting equipment in the ceiling, in order to reach the overall consistent perfect visual effect. Aluminum rectangular tube installation is simple, maintenance is also very convenient, because each of the aluminum rectangular tube is separate, can install and remove, no need special tools, convenient maintenance and maintenance. Characteristics to take cover engineering of the crowded public places, to facilitate air circulation, exhaust, cooling at the same time, the horse wheel can make the light uniform distribution, make whole space is capacious and bright, is widely applied in the subway, high MTR station, station, airport, large shopping malls, channel, leisure places, public toilet, open - building external wall, etc - - Put type. Specifications aluminum rectangular tube specifications: bottom width is 20 - commonly 20-400 mm, height 600 mm, the thickness of 0. 4 - 3. Note: 5 mm length is 6 meters of any custom, special size can be customized according to specific circumstances, hand-made. Units ( mm) Choose skills first, the material of aluminum on the market at present basically has the following kinds: according to the producing area of aluminum can be divided into ordinary aluminum, aluminum, southwest aluminum; According to the aluminum international label is divided into 1100, 3003, 5005 and other label; Aluminum profile according to the strength of aluminum alloy can be divided into H24, H18, etc; Aluminum fence according to aluminous material toughness is divided into ordinary aluminum, aluminum and magnesium alloys, aluminum manganese alloy. The condole top material that sells on the market now mostly used in ordinary aluminum, characterized by low intensity, flatness, strong toughness, not out of shape. Without a good base material, will greatly influence the service life of aluminum rectangular tube. The surface treatment, surface treatment of aluminum rectangular tube current basically has the following kinds: coating, paint, roller coating and laminating. Spraying, short service life of the lacquer that bake, aluminum fence is easy to appear off color, the service life of the roller coating center, can be divided into the ordinary film and film face plywood imports membrane, the service life of imported film basically can reach 20 years does not change color. Third, the craft is the so-called process is plate surface adhesion, forma round this is a piece of consumers is ignored. If the process is not good for the service life of the product influence is very big, aluminum rectangular tube manufacturer treatment technology on the market at present there is a big difference, a lot of small factory is basically adopts the cottage, process reduce the service life. Suggestions for aluminum rectangular tube when the choice, must know this piece.
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