Global aluminum demand growth prospects continue to aluminum processing industry

by:AAG     2020-11-08

global aluminum demand growth prospects continue to aluminum processing industry is under the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, aluminum with its qualitative light, price low, recyclability, the characteristics of the building, electric power, automobile manufacturing, aluminum manufacturer of electronic and mechanical equipment in areas such as widely used, market demand continues to grow, in the next few annual compound growth rate of around 5%. Aluminum market consumption growth, further development will drive the aluminum processing industry. The global aluminum market analysis in 2014, the global aluminium ( Electrolytic aluminium) The output reached 53. 05 million tons, year-on-year growth of 4. 83% growth continues to steady at around 5%. In 2015, global primary aluminum production is 57. 89 million tons, year-on-year growth of 9. 13%, growth increased. In 2016, global primary aluminum production is 58. 17 million tons, the same period the previous year growth of 0. 48%. A quarter of 2017, global primary aluminum production for 1997. 50000 tons, the year-on-year growth 8. 08%. 2004 - In 2017, global primary aluminum production and year-on-year growth ( Units: ten thousand tons, %) Global aluminum demand growth prospects continue to aluminum processing industry can source: prospective industry research institute the aluminum processing industry analysis report calculated at 85% of the yield, 2014 global aluminum production is 45. 09 million tons. In 2015, global primary aluminum production is 57. 89 million tons, if also calculate according to the yield of 85%, to 2015 global aluminum production 49. 21 million tons; In 2016, according to 85% of the yield calculation, global aluminum production is 49. 44 million tons, 2017 1 quarter, global aluminum production of 16. 98 million tons. Globally, while developed countries market growth is slowing, but benefit from China and other emerging countries, with the rapid development of foresight is expected to 2017 - In 2022, the global aluminum market demand annual compound growth rate of about 5%, to 2022, the global aluminum market consumption is expected to reach 65. 66 million tons. Global aluminum processing industry trends from the point of international competition of the aluminum industry, China and the United States and Japan have stronger competitiveness. From the point of production distribution, about 60% of the global aluminum production aluminum producers focused on, the United States and Japan in The Three Kingdoms. With the us, Japan and other countries basic stable production, output growth in China has maintained a higher level, over the years, more than a third of world output. At present, in the United States and Japan, Germany and other developed countries represented by aluminum processing, aluminum processing industry has been basically completed the evolution at the end of the 20th century, mergers and reorganization of the integration process, established a multinational group of companies, and carry on global production and operation. One of the most typical is Alcoa, contains almost all aluminum processing material varieties, has branches in all major regions around the world, in aluminum material processing capacity of nearly 2 million tons; And represented by Japan, Germany, and aluminum processing enterprises, lead the world towards advanced aluminum processing, in cans plate and high-end PS version of the base material such as research and development and production in the world leading level. In terms of aluminum foil, aluminum foil production regions in the world, mainly in Asia, North America, Europe and other regions. Among them, China has become the world largest producer of aluminum foil, aluminum manufacturers account for the larger market share, annual output accounted for 64% in 2015; Europe and North America also has a larger share. From the point of consumption, China in 2015, 2. 3 million tons of aluminum foil consumption accounts for about 46% of the world. With the aluminum processing industry further development, in terms of aluminum extrusions, the next five years, aluminum production enterprise product varieties will continue to increase, the quality of the products will be more keep improving, a higher value-added products, more energy conservation and environmental protection. In particular is: on the aluminum processing technology, towards a more sophisticated development; On the aluminum processing equipment, to intelligent direction; On the construction of enterprise, to big and strong and designed and refined direction development. In terms of aluminum foil, now the world's large aluminum foil production enterprise quantity is less, most of the enterprise on a smaller scale, production capacity is not strong, the market share of the smaller, the low level of production equipment and technology. With the increasing of aluminum foil consumption demand, most of the aluminum foil enterprise will expand its production scale, the introduction of advanced production equipment, improve product yield. Some small aluminum foil production enterprises due to insufficient funds or technical level behind the reason will be phased out, such as industry of large aluminum foil production enterprises will continue to increase, increasing concentration. Disclaimer: this article content reproduced from the network, all peer originator, reprint aims to deliver more information, does not represent the public agree with their views and responsibility for their authenticity. 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