Gf: on August 29, early evaluation of non-ferrous metal

by:AAG     2020-11-07

aluminum: $back to recent lows. Inventory, Aaron aluminum stocks rose to 1. 32 million tons, domestic aluminum producers seven stocks continued to rise to 1. 56 million tons. Inventories rising trend has not changed. Chalco guizhou 500000 tons of 1 million tons of electrolytic aluminium project issue formal electricity, in the construction of phase ii is as soon as possible. Spot aspect, premium has a tendency to increase, plentiful on the market, traders trading increases, the downstream demand a small amount of purchase, less overall clinch a deal. To capacity still expected, aluminium supported by funds continue to run high. Copper: Shanghai electrolytic copper spot for that month discount contract submitted to the 120 yuan/ton Discount 70 yuan/ton, smooth water copper clinch a deal the price 52250 yuan/ton 52320 yuan/ton, premium copper clinch a deal the price 52270 yuan/ton 52350 yuan/ton. Aluminum manufacturers traders attitude, hard low premium source, arbitrage space, buying intention is not strong, clinch a deal remains deadlocked pattern, smooth water copper discount to 120 yuan/ton Good discount for 90 yuan/ton, copper discount to 90 yuan/ton Discount 70 yuan/ton. Shanghai copper high and volatile. Zinc: Shanghai mainstream clinch a deal in 26140-0 # zinc 26270 yuan/ton, 0 # ordinary brand in Shanghai zinc premium 280-1709 Rose 350 yuan/ton, near 30 - premium from Friday to expand Near 50 yuan/ton. Zinc prices fell, refinery normal shipment, but in the factory the goods are still few; Aluminum manufacturers due to earnings to expand imports, at present the tons of zinc import earnings in 1000 yuan the following, and plentiful, downstream and traders, specializing in importing trading days downstream clinch a deal the slightly better on Friday. National games held no curb downstream consumption, downstream the dips procurement. Shanghai zinc high and volatile, low single nearly 26000 can check surplus appropriately. Nickel: $back to recent lows. The Philippines has drafted a bill to ban river basin mining activities, as well as ore exports, and ask the mine must obtain permission to produce legislature. Aluminum manufacturers affected by this policy, nickel prices rebound again. The bill is the previous minister bill of environmental protection, the new environmental minister has yet to make changes to this, it will be for this year already has decreased in the Philippines nickel exports to form a greater impact. 304 a scrap prices, mainly due to the cause of environmental protection and difficulty in trading, the downstream demand for waste to stainless steel, continue to pull the stainless steel demand. Short-term affected by the policy and funding drive, nickel prices continue to run high.
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