Gansu make trillions of 10 contains billions of intelligent equipment industry chain | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-10

recently, the gansu provincial government issued 'about to speed up the advantage industry chain to develop guidance', decided to implement & other; 371' Advantage industry chain to develop action, that is, by 2020, the formation of 3 7 one hundred billion yuan ten billion yuan of industrial chain, industrial chain, the top 10 industrial output value reached 1 trillion yuan, has become an important support for the development of the province industry. Including the high-end machine tools and automatic, intelligent electrical appliances, instruments and equipment one hundred billion yuan, with emphasis on the intelligent equipment manufacturing industrial chain. 'Opinion' aims to transform and upgrade traditional industries and develop new industries, and continuously extend the industrial chain, promote the industry from low-end to high-end, build new characteristic, advantage prominent modern industry system, support sustainable economic growth in the province. Specific view, gansu province will, with the advantages in the petrochemical industry, development of synthetic materials and fine chemical industry chain. Giving full play to the advantages of petroleum and chemical industry base, which is based on lanzhou petrochemical, qingyang petrochemical, such as isomerization to achieve breakthrough in key technologies and products, improve product quality, strengthen petrochemical industrial base. Through technical innovation and new product development, development of new polymer materials such as fine chemical, extension expand areas of industrial development, to build one hundred billion yuan petrochemical synthetic materials and fine industrial chain. At the same time, the backbone enterprises in lanzhou, silver area as the key point, promote development of chlor-alkali chemical industry, the fluorine chemical industry, relying on technological innovation and the introduction, the extended development of water-based resin, new chemical materials and coating of environmental protection material, such as creating one hundred billion yuan of new chemical material industrial chain. Based on jinchuan company, jisco group, silver company backbone enterprises, giving full play to the advantages of resources, and copper aluminum smelting processing, further improve the level of smelting processing technology, introduced to undertake a number of high-end copper and aluminum alloy processing projects, to develop high-end alloy and deep processing products, form a $one hundred billion copper alloy and deep processing industrial chain. Around Jin Changxin material national high-tech industry base and lanzhou jinchuan park construction, increase the product structure adjustment, the development of lithium ion battery cathode material and the downstream power battery industry, high pure metal nickel and cobalt, high-performance alloy new material, such as creating one hundred billion yuan of nickel and cobalt new material industrial chain and secondary battery materials. Relying on LanShi groups such as equipment manufacturing enterprises, oil drilling and refining equipment and industry technology advantage, focus on developing deep drilling equipment, drilling and sea scenery electricity resource advantages and industry foundation, advancing scenery electric and other new energy equipment integration, specialized, large-scale development, actively develop nuclear power equipment of form a complete set, make one hundred billion yuan energy equipment industry chain. With high-grade machine tools and automatic, intelligent electrical appliances, instruments and equipment manufacturing industry as the key point, rely on technological innovation and intelligent control, numerical control of key parts and components manufacturing and equipment engine and intelligent level, forming a batch of automation, intelligent high-end equipment products, building intelligent equipment industry chain of $one hundred billion. According to the demands of the development of industrial convergence, make which have influence on the national and regional characteristic of green ecological agricultural products processing production base, to strengthen the brand construction, improve the whole competitiveness of characteristic agricultural products, one hundred billion yuan of green agricultural product production and processing industrial chain. In addition to the above article 7 one hundred billion yuan level industry chain, gansu province will build three ten billion yuan level industry chain, respectively, the rare earth functional materials and their applications in the industrial chain, Tibetan medicine and biomedical industry chain.
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