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by:AAG     2020-11-10

from traditional industry to industrial aluminum alloy new material into the ministry committee of henan province deputy inspector hai-feng li with the provincial ministry committee & other; Double hundred & throughout; Enterprise chief clerk working group to prepare our group research, city of gongyi city vice mayor JingXiuXiang and accompanied by relevant department head, zhongfu industrial companies such as general manager of song-jiang zhang leadership took part in the survey. To understand the industrial economic operation situation in henan province, through service enterprise & other; Throughout the last kilometer &; , enhance confidence, enterprise development to promote the province's industrial economy stable healthy development, recently, provincial ministry committee specially issued & other; Double hundred & throughout; Company chief attendant system. The provincial ministry committee to gongyi city mainly & other; Connected to the head, policy, take good service & throughout; , aiming at the existence of enterprise temporary difficulties, provincial ministry committee will take all the credit enterprise policy in place, to help enterprises and to promote enterprise stable and healthy development. On the morning of the same day, in gongyi city part of the key enterprises and the relevant village in yu group industrial aluminum electric office meeting room on the second floor, vice mayor of JingXiuXiang report in the first half of the gongyi city economic operation situation, zhongfu industrial song-jiang zhang made united group, general manager of the first half of the year the economic operation situation, existing problems and difficulties, to speak and the opinions and Suggestions. In the afternoon, a line of the working party further high precision industrial aluminum company for visit, the company production and operation, product development, market development and in-depth understanding. Survey, deputy inspector hai-feng li said that in the new normal economic, development, service good enterprises, help enterprises to troubleshoot, strengthen confidence, enterprise development for restructuring increases efficiency of steady growth, overall full-year target task to provide strong support. At the same time, he points out, and our group to take the lead in complete transformation and upgrading, from traditional industry to promote enterprise comprehensive industrial aluminum alloy material fundamental transformation in the field of new materials and high-end manufacturing, coal, electricity, industrial aluminum and industrial aluminum deep processing industrial chain integration advantages, to play the part of demonstration leading role fully complete the transformation and upgrading, in henan province for the industry of henan province new greater contributions to the economic and social development. ( More fierce Shao Peng)
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