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Foshan union full aluminium household industry standards

by:AAG     2020-11-06

foshan established full aluminium household industry standard alliance recently, foshan city, set up the whole household aluminum industry standard alliance. The alliance to foshan quality and standardization institute, the foshan furniture design and manufacturing institute for technical support institutions, alliance members by promoting the city's all aluminum household products standard alliance in the research, development, application of entity unit. In consumption upgrades and supply side structural environment, the reform of household industry is facing the industry standard, such as multiple competitive pressure, aluminum production industry overcapacity and industry in China & other; Aluminum manufacturers green & throughout; Also further promote the transformation needed to upgrade of aluminum and wood. Compared with other materials, all aluminum furniture with a green environmental protection, zero - formaldehyde, zero pollution, no crack, no deformation, fire prevention, waterproof, recycling and other significant advantages, to achieve the optimization and upgrading of traditional furniture industry and the aluminum industry. Full aluminium household industry standard alliance fully realize the importance of standardization for emerging industry growth, in view of the industry production, research and development, circulation, sales, training, after-sales service and so on each link for standard specification, is planned to be completed in July, the aluminum furniture, household aluminum profiles, two league standards development work.
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