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Five listed companies went AnYi leading driving effect reversed transmission industrial upgrading | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-06

recently, became the focus of national attention anyi county in jiangxi province, five listed companies also announced in AnYi, covering areas such as new materials, high-end Windows and doors. At present, the industrial structure of AnYi lack of fusion, pretreating, civilian building materials still accounts for a large proportion. Listed companies as the world 500 strong and strong, can keep up with the pace of local small and medium enterprises, standing in the industry transformation? Anyi county committee, the county government obviously looking forward to the obvious effect of listed companies settled in, push AnYi the rapid development of the whole regional economy. Source/China network reporter Cao Dongfang rain rainbow will be built in jiangxi's third production base anyi newly introduced eight investment projects, average investment is above 1 billion, the main focus in the field of water environmental protection materials and other new materials. Data shows, the listed company of construction projects with investment of 2 billion east rain rainbow waterproof project, investment 1. 5 billion suzhou hao Ann monocrystalline silicon slice to project, and the investment of 1 billion gold and silver river project, hainan axa pu and gel resources ceramic fiber insulation material project, etc. “ AnYi has a good industrial base, the government's support also continues to increase, more in line with our site conditions. ” The relevant person in charge of aluminum east rain rainbow Huang Jiao told reporters. According to Huang Jiao introduction, project construction, with two issue in July next year, second phase is expected to begin in September 2019, there will be four waterproofing materials production lines, four waterproof coating production line. Project standard, after the production can be an annual output of 100000 tons of 40 million square meters waterproof coiled material, waterproof material. The production base is the third largest production base for waterproof. On March 21, the east rain rainbow announcement, with its own funds in AnYi paid 50 million yuan investment to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of nanchang east rain rainbow building materials co. , LTD. , is in order to further expand its production and supply ability in east China and central China region, promote the continuous optimization of capacity distribution, push & quot; Penetrate the national & quot; The strategic goals of the implementation. In addition, plans to set up annual output of 50000 tons of water environmental protection material industrial park, is by the dow chemical and building materials group co. , LTD. Jointly invested in jiangxi province, is the world's five top and combination of large state-owned enterprises in jiangxi province. It is understood that this is the second batch of anyi county this year & other; 8 + 8' Major project introduction, the first batch of five major projects introduced in February. According to the relevant person in charge of anyi, since this year, with ender gel strength, in the eastern rain rainbow waterproof materials, dow chemical, to hao and other projects as the basis, surrounding the industry chain upstream and downstream, waterproof materials, aerogel, project investment, emerging industries such as glass glue is committed to creating AnYi industry economic development new growth pole. Morning of July 3, anyi held the second batch of 2017 & other; 8 + 8' Major projects focus on opening ceremony signing the good news. Signing eight major projects, signed a total of 8. 1 billion yuan. Launched eight projects, the project total investment is 16. 7 billion yuan. Play upgrading should be reversed transmission industry, according to current anyi industrial profiles (20%), high-end products accounted for 10%. As the national famous & other; The hometown of China aluminum & throughout; 、“ Jiangxi aluminum alloy model steel profile throughout industry base &; , anyi county jin peng aluminum and the eagle aluminum industry leading enterprises, etc. However, how to further cultivate leading enterprises, big brand effect, make the aluminum from low-end to high-end, enhance the level of development? Become anyi county government's top priority. In addition to the new material, new energy industry investment. And the introduction of comprehensive trade city, auto industrial park projects. “ Anyi industrial structure is drab, high proportion of aluminum alloy industry, and lack of large enterprises, the leading enterprises. Aluminum by introducing the world top 500 and listed companies, not only can change the situation of single industrial structure, can promote the development of diversified anyi. ” Jiangxi province, director of the institute of economics, social science MaZhiHui tells a reporter, & other; At present, the building materials of AnYi design, design gradually diversification, the high-end direction development. However, the introduction of large enterprises is the biggest advantage of industrial agglomeration effect into full play, by developing leading enterprises, the radiation the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, cultivating a number of supporting enterprises, the formation of industrial cluster. ” How, then, from the breakthrough in the aspects of investment, research and development, the financing? According to the relevant person in charge of anyi, the next step will be to pay special attention to the leading industry transformation and upgrading of aluminum extrusions, and key storage, trading, logistics, distribution, exhibition, as one of the central city of aluminum construction headquarters of aluminum base. To speed up the introduction, prefabricated construction, high-end door industry leading enterprises, in the strong industry chain chain, perfect supporting functions, etc. , in order to promote the transformation of civilian profiles to industrial profiles, pretreating the doors and Windows terminal transformation.
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