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fire precautions of aluminum powder -

by:AAG     2020-11-05
Aluminum powder is an important industrial raw material and product, which is widely used in pigment, paint, fireworks, metallurgy, aircraft, ship manufacturing and other industries.According to the metal powder supplier, aluminum powder has a large fire risk in the process of production, storage, transportation and use. if it is not taken seriously, it is easy to have an explosion and combustion accident, but the fire was even harder.
Aluminum powder fire features aluminum powder fire hazards: small ignition sources are encountered in the air, which will lead to fire;Aluminum powder is stained with grease in the air, such as long storage time and long collector stay, which can also easily cause spontaneous combustion or explosion, and the smaller the particle size of aluminum powder, the greater the risk of explosion, when it reaches a concentration of 40g/m3 in the air, a fire will explode.Therefore, in the management of hazardous chemicals, aluminum powder is divided into two types of flammable solids.Aluminum powder fire is characterized by high flame temperature, fast combustion speed, high explosion power and strong radiation heat.
When burning, the flame is green and blue, and the silver white light is emitted. the explosion pressure can reach 6.3kg/cm2.It is extremely destructive and harmful to the surrounding buildings and personal safety.Therefore, it is difficult to save the fire of aluminum powder.
First of all, the fire scene after the explosion is more complicated;Two is to choose the appropriate fire extinguishing agent and adopt the appropriate fire extinguishing method when putting out the fire;Third, because of the high temperature, it is difficult to close the fire rescue;Fourth, the aluminum powder is light in weight, small in fineness and easy to fly. it must be cautious in battle. Otherwise, it will make the aluminum powder splash and form a secondary explosion, resulting in greater losses;Fifth, the flame temperature is high, and the aluminum powder is loose and small, which is difficult to extinguish.In order to put out fire effectively, the fire extinguishing agent must be selected and used correctly.
First of all, the burning aluminum powder cannot fight with water and foam, usually because there is a layer of oxide film on the surface of the aluminum powder and generally does not react with water.But the new alumina or film has fallen off the aluminum powder, and the aluminum powder baked by fire or high temperature can quickly react with water and bubbles, discharge dangerous explosions and burn hydrogen, and mix with air to form an explosion.Therefore, it is forbidden to fire water and foam.
Secondly, aluminum powder can react with chlorine and Bromo at room temperature, or can react with halogen hydrocarbons to generate a small amount of aluminum chloride, which plays a catalytic role and often leads to explosive combustion.Therefore, the fire of aluminum powder can not be extinguished by CTC, 1211 fire fighting agent.Third, the aluminum powder is light in weight and fine in particle size, and it is easy to form an explosive mixture in the air once it encounters a wind or gas jet.
Therefore, the fire of aluminum powder cannot be extinguished with gas fire extinguishers such as carbon dioxide.According to the above features, 7150 of the fire extinguishing agent or dry chemistry, dry sand and graphite powder, dry magnesium should be used for aluminum powder.To put out the fire.Because this fire extinguisher can cover the surface of the burning aluminum powder, cut off the air, and can effectively prevent the mixing of aluminum powder with air, so as to achieve the purpose of fire suffocation.
According to the characteristic of aluminum powder fire combustion, the following problems should be paid attention to in the fire extinguishing process.In the battle, it is not allowed to open the window at will in order to avoid the wind, so that the aluminum powder flies, causing explosions and injuries.Firefighters should pay attention to observation and use the terrain as a covering to avoid casualties caused by radiation heat, heat body and collapse of houses.
Make full use of safety equipment, prepare for self-protection, and facilitate team action.Close all kinds of valves, first shutdown, power outage, fire extinguishing and other process systems in the workshop in time
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