extruded aluminum heat sink profiles save cost and time.

by:AAG     2020-11-05
June 23, 2012, mannorwood-(PR. com)--
Advanced ThermalSolutions, Inc.
It now offers nearly 100 high-performance radiator profiles of standard and batch length.
ATS will also provide these radiators to customers
Specify the length.
Each of these sink profiles is made from a single extrusion, providing maximum cost
Effective solutions for most electronic cooling applications.
Configuration files with a variety of in-
Straight-stock aluminum profilefin, cross-
Che Ma Xi [TM]
Fin-shaped structure that meets specific customer requirements.
The width of the extrusion profile size ranges from 41mm to 483mm, and the height ranges from 10mm to 73mm.
Each profile provides a large amount of aluminum surface area as low as 1 for heat transfer to ambient air and thermal resistance properties.
120C each radiator profile can also be in its standard, pre-
Cutting lengths of 6, 12 and 18 inch simplify the manufacturing process for designing prototypes.
The radiator of the standard length has a complete surface area measurement.
All extrusion of aluminum alloy 6061/6063 is not completed, but it can meet the custom Anode Oxidation of the application
Specific requirements.
All extruded aluminum radiator profiles have been subjected to thermal testing of the study grade wind tunnel, the ATVS hotline anemometer system, and the sensors used to plot the wind speed and temperature distribution.
The volume and the radiator cut to length are accompanied by a performance guide that draws the heat resistance of the radiator on the airflow in units of linear feet per minute or linear FM.
As a designer and manufacturer of thousands of radiator solutions, ATS addresses design challenges in heat and machinery.
In many cases,the-
The shelf radiator can meet the application requirements.
These can be ordered in advance
Custom Cut size or economical batch length for buyer.
For more information on large piece length aluminum radiator profiles fromATS, see Qats.
Or call 781-769-2800.
Complete Series of ATS extruded aluminum profiles online address: Contact information: Advanced Thermal Solutions Company
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