Environmental protection to leak storm struck aluminum electrolytic industry industrial products such as price support

by:AAG     2020-11-07

environmental protection to leak storm struck aluminum electrolytic industry such as commodity prices support after the fourth batch of central environmental protection supervision recently will be fully launched, respectively in jilin, zhejiang, shandong, hainan, sichuan, Tibet, qinghai, xinjiang, and settled in the xinjiang production and construction corps to carry out the supervision work, implementation of all provinces ( Autonomous regions and municipalities) Complete coverage of supervision. Analysts said that with the increase of the central environmental protection supervision strength, as well as the provinces during the heating period of recent environmental protection special action limit production plan or atmospheric pollution treatment and steel, nonferrous metal, chemical industry, building materials industry such as supply side contraction effect appeared gradually, strongly related products prices expected. Heating season limit production of environmental protection department of environmental protection in hebei province will launch 4 release the heating period of heavy pollution in hebei province to deal with weather conditions and specific implementation plan for peak production, clear, shijiazhuang, tangshan, handan and other key areas, heating season steel capacity limit production by 50%, the province coking enterprises restricting output 30%, municipal heating season limit production more than 30% aluminum electrolytic industry factory, aluminum oxide industry enterprises restricting output 30%, carbon enterprise reach the special emission limits of restricting output by more than 50%. Problems in shandong province recently issued the 2017 environmental protection crucial improvement plan is put forward, further promote the winter peak production, industrial enterprises, on November 15, 2017 to March 15, 2018 the entire province all the cement production line for peak production. National standards of industrial aluminum oxide, aluminum electrolysis industry, carbon and other industries to leak more than 30%, 30% respectively, more than 50% ( According to the production line) , short of corresponding emission standard or limit the implementation of the production. Taiyuan in Shanxi Province launched in early August & other; Iron pollution & throughout; Crucial great battle, atmospheric environmental regulation one hundred days in the iron and steel, coal, cement, coal, paper making, printing and dyeing, and coking industry, with emphasis on the problem of illegal dredge, carried out on seven typical strictly investigate illegal act, to not achieve stable discharging standard industrial enterprises shall be in accordance with the implementation of production management. Strength to promote the comprehensive improvement of open-pit mine, in violation of the resources and environment laws and regulations and planning, the pollution of the environment, ecological damage, to combat dig in open-pit mine, shut down in accordance with the law before the end of September. Basically completed before the end of October steel, coking industry such as volatile organic compounds treatment, did not complete the transformation of enterprises, the implementation of production control, into the winter peak production plan. Early release of the beijing-tianjin-hebei in and around 2017 work plan for the control of air pollution, has been clear about the heating season steel and aluminum electrolytic industry capacity to leak. Industry insiders, hebei, shandong province various prefectures execution concrete limit production plan will be completed by the end of September and turned over to the department at the provincial level for examination and approval, is expected to henan, shanxi and other places will soon launch a heating season limit production of environmental protection concrete implementation scheme. Industrial goods price support after the market analysts believe that environmental protection policy of restricting output exceed market expectations, steel prices and industrial aluminum price will be a strong boost. Steel supply and demand gets better, and continue to look good in the second half of steel prices. Electrolytic aluminum industry or will be in short supply because of the limit production of environmental protection, is expected in the fourth quarter started rising and will continue until the first half of next year. Lange steel net, said guo-qing wang, director of the centre for the study of the recent steel price rise of the north and the heating season limit production plan implementation, combined with environmental supervision, ban & other; DeTiaoGang & throughout; , production safety supervision, market confidence boost, bullish more thick, the market gains. “ Environmental supervision is certainly good for the steel price, after all, for the market irregularities enterprise production release will be suppressed. ” Guo-qing wang said, but this year the market uncertainty is very large, need to change at any time according to the factor to adjust. The current policy has had a huge impact, later need to see policy continuity and the relationship between supply and demand change. For future steel price movements, guo-qing wang believes that are still strong gains in August, September and October, there is high risk, in November as the heating season limit production to carry out environmental protection, steel prices rebound or will further. The implementation of the heating season limit production, she argues, will make the production, supply and demand tends to improve, for the market price is good, but there are big factors for this reaction in advance, will digest part of the upward momentum in advance.
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