Environmental protection storm must not underestimate standing in environmental protection tuyere of the electrolytic aluminum

by:AAG     2020-11-07

wind strategy union days the wind industry team, meeting & other; Environmental protection throughout the storm &; Conference call, the following for aluminum core content of the meeting minutes: environmental protection supervision for non-ferrous plate I focus on the influence of the electrolytic aluminum, as we all know electrolytic aluminium industry is in the forefront. In February 2017 issued by the beijing-tianjin-hebei in and around 2017 work plan for the control of air pollution in the clear for & other; 2 + 26' City, electrolysis plant heating season limit production more than 30%, with production of electrolytic cell volume; Restricting output 30%, alumina enterprises in production line; Carbon enterprise can not meet the special emission limits, the entire production, achieve special emission limit value, restricting output by more than 50%, in the production line. We made a statistics, & other 2 + 26' Urban areas involved in electrolytic aluminium production capacity of the country's production capacity by about 40%, alumina production capacity of more than 70% of total, pre-baked anode to about 40% of total capacity. Which need to be important, commercial pre-baked anode in production capacity of the country's commercial pre-baked anode production capacity by 68%, close to 70%, the impact is very big. So we saw recently has begun to rise in price of alumina, alumina last week in a few days time from 2400 yuan/ton rose to 2600 yuan/ton, the pace is staggering. Aluminum manufacturers direct inducement is shut down 1 million tons of alumina production of Shanxi Province, this is just a beginning, with the arrival of the subsequent heating season there will be more alumina capacity closures, although aluminium is downstream of alumina production shut down, but after we statistics, alumina gap still exists, so pre-baked anode. By the calculation, ( 1) Assumption under the existing capacity structure, without offending capacity closures and new capacity, to maintain the production of electrolytic aluminum, alumina gap, 3. 5 million tons of 1 million tons of pre-baked anode gap; ( 2) Assumes that the electrolytic aluminium violations capacity shut down entirely, electrolytic aluminum, all new capacity pre-baked anode production, estimate the gap will be reduced to 400000 tons of alumina, pre-baked anode from excess supply to the important premise of the hypothesis is that new capacity of large-scale pre-baked anode drop; ( 3) Suppose in heating season industry under the condition of leak, electrolytic aluminium violations capacity shut down, all new capacity continues to drop, estimated shortfall of 8 million tons of alumina, pre-baked anode shortfall of 1. 5 million tons. ( Yang Cheng smile)
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