Environmental protection: not in favor of environmental protection lead to view increases in the prices of raw materials

by:AAG     2020-11-08

we are not in favor of environmental protection cause of the rising prices of raw materials point of view. ” Of environmental protection, director-general of the department of environmental impact assessment cui book red 27 routine conference on environmental protection to make the above said. He said that, in the past, some illegal polluters, slash environmental costs, would not even put into environmental protection, good money after bad money, thus obtained is higher than strict environmental protection policy of enterprise profit, serious damage to the market competition order, hinders the upgrading of the industrial structure. “ Strict enforcement of environmental protection, on the one hand, solve the environmental problems around some people, on the other hand, to promote the market of fair, healthy, aluminium alloy wire slot promote economic structural adjustment, to speed up the old and the new kinetic energy conversion. ” Cui Shuhong said, in accordance with the regulation has become the norm, all companies should adapt to this norm. Environmental supervision is affected the economic and social development, lead to rising prices of raw materials? The Cui Shuhong said, the product price changes are mainly caused by supply and demand, depends on the current overall situation of economic development, resource endowment, the market demand. Render some directly under the name of environmental protection, environmental protection policy factors, increase product prices, is a kind of disrupt the market behavior. “ Environmental protection supervision did not affect industrial products production, aluminium alloy wire slot is not directly push prices for the products. Will intensify environmental protection reversed transmission, bad money out, purify the market environment, promote the adjustment of economic structure, improve the quality of economic development, the protection of the rights of the people, this is the environmental supervision. ” Cui Shuhong said.
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