Environmental pressure was mixed scrap metal market

by:AAG     2020-11-06

copper scrap: the market price is rising recently, is the mainstream of the market in north east China, this week the price hike in 0. 4 yuan/kg, this is mainly thanks to the copper price upward movement, along with price increases ceaselessly, trading was lit passion again. Aluminum manufacturers according to zhuo chong, the survey found copper scrap market volume rising at present, although the market scrutiny to environmental protection, but taken together, the recent copper scrap market performance is good. But notable is, the north China market at present environmental pressure, part of the supply of goods into the east China market. Facing the pressure of environmental protection, aluminum zhuo and learned that copper scrap market business performance and there is no other product that excessive caution and relatively calm, clinch a deal for the copper scrap form favorable conditions, short-term, copper scrap market is expected to maintain a strong trend. Aluminium scrap: Shanghai aluminum volatile, long-short were cautious. Aaron aluminum trading in 1877 - three months $1865 / ton, up is 0. 32% to $1871 / ton. Beauty is even more down by lower crude oil futures for Aaron aluminum. The national aluminium scrap market supply of goods is less, the henan region is the largest aluminum processing, under pressure from busy farming and environmental protection check cargo demand market, merchants actively seeking source, more aluminium scrap to henan bond market. Hebei region is the key of the environmental supervision, still little local construction enterprises, some enterprises give up rehabilitation. Aluminum smelter this week after prices fell 100 yuan/ton return to calm. On June 20, the ministry started a week of atmosphere to strengthen the supervision for the fourth time patrol work, sent 14 XunZhaZu fanned out 28 the city inspector, rectification unfinished at the time of the third inspections, 634 questions, as well as the place to submit the fourth stage of division completed rectification of 482 problems for verification. Can be seen from the above data jin jing ji and surrounding environmental protection supervision effect is remarkable. In the short term off-season effect could suppress the waste aluminum prices from rising too fast. Waste battery: affected by recent Shanghai lead in domestic waste battery prices continue to fall, today again fell 150 yuan/ton, electric vehicle battery scrap mainstream price fell to 9400 - to the factory Average price 9500 yuan/ton, 9450 yuan/ton aluminum manufacturers, from Friday down 250 yuan/ton, down 2. 58%. Prices fell sharply market sentiment, especially small and medium-sized refinery and traders may fall psychological obvious. On the market, in addition to a few large lead plant maintain normal regular purchase, all the rest of the small and medium-sized refinery basic stop purchasing. Most source concentration to henan, anhui, jiangsu and other regions, a consortium manufacturers the chance to pick up the goods in great quantities, volume increased significantly. The short term, the risk of falling price temporarily not lifted, and general market demand, price of waste battery could easily down hard up.
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