Encyclopedia of aluminum extrusions is how to do it? | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

1, the first is casting aluminum production process. The main process is: ( 1) Ingredients: according to the need to produce specific alloy nameplate, calculate the amount of all kinds of alloy composition, reasonable collocation a variety of raw materials. ( 2) Melting: to add with good raw materials according to the technological requirements to melt in the furnace, and through the degassing, slag refining method will melt in the mixed slag, gas effectively removed. ( 3) Casting: smelt good under the certain condition of the casting process of aluminum liquid, through the deep well in casting system, cooling casting into all kinds of round bar. 2, extrusion, extrusion is a means of material forming. According to the profile section of product design and produce mould first, using extrusion machine heating good round casting rod extrusion forming of the mould. Commonly used brand 6063 alloy, return when the extrusion with a air cooling quenching process and its after artificial aging process, to complete the strengthening heat treatment. Different type of heat treatment strengthen alloy, the different heat treatment system. 3, color ( The main speak first oxidation process) Oxidation: aluminum profile extrusion good, its surface corrosion resistance is not strong, must through the anodic oxidation surface treatment to increase the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of aluminum and aesthetic appearance. The main process is: ( 1) Surface pretreatment: use the method of chemistry or physics was carried out on the material surface cleaning, naked pure matrix, for obtain complete, the density of artificial oxide film. Can also be obtained by mechanical means mirror or light ( Inferior smooth) On the surface. ( 2) Anodic oxidation: the surface pretreatment of profiles, under certain technological conditions, substrate surface anodic oxidation, generate a layer of dense, porous, strong adsorbability AL203 film layer. ( 3) Hole sealing: will be generated after anodic oxidation membrane pore sealing of porous oxide film, the oxide film pollution prevention, corrosion resistance and wear resistance increased. Oxide film is colorless, transparent, the use of hole sealing before oxidation film of strong adsorption, in some metal salts adsorption sedimentation of film hole, can make the profile appearance show ecru ( Silver) Many outside color, such as: black, bronze, gold and stainless steel color, etc.
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