Eliminate the aluminum powder coating particles on the surface in the process of several skills

by:AAG     2020-11-10

( 1) Powder spraying rooms, painting work environment around the production environment, will directly affect the quality of coating surface, for the application of corona discharge of electrostatic spray gun, the some dust and particulate matter in the environment is brought into the powder coating powder room, make through electrostatic interactions charged impurity adsorption on the surface coating material, in powder melt flow at ordinary times, become the particles on the surface coating. Clean production environment has good effect to the quality of the product. Production workshop environment must be clean and tidy, aluminum processing to remove mud debris; Shop Windows and doors should be less as far as possible, can install exhaust fan to solve the problem of ventilation; Enter the workshop personnel change should be changed into overalls and shoes; Do well the health work in workshop; Often with a wet cloth to wipe the production equipment or use vacuum cleaner to remove dust in all parts of the workshop. ( 2) General powder coating surface treatment of aluminum workpiece, workpiece need to go through the following process: - hit the shelves In addition to the oil - Water - Chromium - … … - Curing - Discharge; In the process of surface treatment of chromium residue impurities such as may be attached on the workpiece, resulting in the film after the existence of the particles. ( 3) Powder coatings, itself has a granular powder coating particles can be basically divided into mechanical impurity, rubber compound particles. Mechanical impurity particles mainly comes from the material itself, the production process and equipment wear, the process of production environment into the sundry goods; Rubber compound particles are mainly from the extrusion process of the resin used in the process of production of raw materials. So we must strengthen the raw materials into the factory inspection, to prevent such a situation. ( 4) , the material of the coated aluminum coating should be as far as possible to the coated surface grinding smooth, level off, the surface is no scale and micro hole, if there are conditions can also carries on the preliminary baking, aluminum processing can effectively reduce the formation of the particles. ( 5) , coating thickness control for spraying of technical personnel, all know if the film too thin, in addition to appear particles, also can produce severe flow adjustment, orange peel, and light color varieties of hiding power is poor, and coating of acid and alkali resistance, salt resistance, water resistance and other performance is poor. Appropriate increase the coating thickness, can effectively reduce the formation of the particles, coating should not be too thick, too thick will commonly affected by the size of the workpiece, such as impact resistance, flexibility, adhesion performance degradation, and general coating thickness control in the 40 ~ 120 um as normal. We can through the following ways to control the film thickness: a, the number and arrangement of gun powder room; B, gun powder amount and air pressure ( The powder, atomized, fluidization parameters) ; C, the running speed of the transmission chain, the chain speed; D, the coated workpiece suspension method and arrangement. ( 6) , recovery powder for most businesses, the processing of recycled powder generally has the following several kinds of treatment: 1, automatic powder coating system of conveyor belt, aluminum processing spray from powder after automatic recovery of sieving, mixed with new powder coating again continue to supply powder spray gun used, this kind of recycled powder quality is relatively stable, not easy to produce particles; 2, cyclone separator and bag filter system of the poles, cyclone separator level of recycled powder for powder after sieve sieve and system loop, the basic effect on the coating is not big, also not easy to produce particles; 3, for manual spraying of recycled powder coating system, because the environment of easy into recycling powder dust and impurities, recovery after must go through the vibration of the more than 120 mesh sieve. Adsorbed on the profiles on the surface of the powder recycling, powder accounts for only about a third of all the quantity of powder spray gun, powder more scattered in spray room, recycling powder must be with the newly added by appropriate mixing ratio, the effect is better, so the powder should be recycled.
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