Early August 25th SMM aluminum city - | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-10

August 25th SMM aluminum market early on SMM8 - : London aluminum in 1667 dollars/tons, early Aaron aluminum slightly higher they got 1672 dollars/tons, then the pressure on the average daily offline transaction center of gravity slowly fell into the European trading, the dollar's decline temporary check, Aaron fell back aluminum shocks, the EIA crude oil inventories, far more than expected, plunge in crude oil, aluminum is compromised or diarrhea, and low recorded 1642 dollars/tons, plate at the end of 1650. 5 dollars/ton. Volume was 4873 to 11507 hands, 10725 holdings to 742177 hands. Overnight Shanghai aluminum main open to 12440 yuan/ton, the People's Bank of China 14 days reverse repurchase start search volume, loose monetary expectations, and affected by Aaron aluminum back, long unwind safety, aluminium gravity down continuously, the low recorded 12280 yuan/ton, plate at the end of the short positions, low prices to get parts repair, closed at 12320 yuan/ton. Volume was 30558 to 40478 hands, 1970 holdings to 189020 hands. No clear monetary policy before the bulls risk aversion, testing the effectiveness of the 20/40 - day moving average, expected days running 12240 ~ 12450 yuan/ton. Backwardation 80 ~ 120 yuan/ton.
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