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Door window industry has been in the three 'pain points' to be solved

by:AAG     2020-11-08

door industry has been in three big & other; Pain points throughout the &; Need to be addressed' China's industrial profiles industry network] The present moment, doors and Windows industry in troubled times, the policy implementation and the influence of related industries, encourage door industry reshuffle growing, the greater the pressure the more pull the enterprise development. However, every industry or enterprise's growth is unlikely to be smooth sailing, experienced hardship struggle will only make themselves more powerful, on the way of development, Windows and doors enterprises one by one to remove the thorns, is also a kind of forward and break. Windows and doors enterprises are faced with transformation investment & other too much The utilitarian & throughout; In the past two years, follow mall is pale, set up shop is difficult to ensure & other; Survival rates & throughout; , if a group of a group of death, is not a merit for doors and Windows companies. Now, doors and Windows enterprise is faced with transformation, from the original single investment service business transformation, the personage inside course of study points out, once checking is investment promotion personnel only see open a shop, not as long as the check now open a shop to enhance the dealer's service, not only & other; Open a shop & throughout; Don't & other; A shop & throughout; 。 In terms of the practice of professional learning significance, at the fair, most doors and Windows enterprise all love & other; Hunger marketing & throughout; And even & other; Hijack promotion & throughout; 。 Show the guest pull down the factory goods, & other; Delicious good drink for throughout the &; And holding a & other; Brainwashed & throughout; Role of excellent dealer share meeting, gifts, lottery, let dealers to sign the order, and then set up shop, it was revealed the secrets of the business. But such tricks are too & other; The utilitarian & throughout; , Windows and doors enterprises to set up shop in the new mall, demand is to find appropriate dealer, someone calls like & other; Looking for object & throughout; Whether, in the meantime the dealer can understand goods, factory brand concept is particularly important, especially in these two years, more and more difficult to do business, open a new store more and more difficult to survive, doors and Windows enterprise should be more stable. By merchants pursuing increased, inevitable requirements in terms of transformation. High inventory lead to a crisis handling inventory problem looming appear in addition to investment promotion & other Pain points throughout the &; , high inventory is also like & other; Chronic diseases & throughout; The same is daunting. Someone says: & other; Many business enterprises not starve to death, but a good business to do, try very hard to do inventory, support dead in the end. ” High inventory has become a big & other Windows professional; Sign & throughout; , and as a result of high inventory is difficult to digest, there is a group of companies that buy factory inventory, here are some & other; Gaming & throughout; Enterprises in general from the factory by 2, 3 fold in agio to buy inventory, profit. About the inventory problem, the personage inside course of study suggests that, if the factory long cycle of the produce of the simple inventory, aluminum manufacturers produce control cycle = manipulation of the stock. Originally, doors and Windows professional stock question, from the beginning of last year have warning, most enterprises have to selling cheaply, out of inventory goods, doors and Windows to ease capital chain serious question, and from last year to now also gradually fell a batch because of capital chain rupture and collapse of the factory, visible to tackle the problem of inventory has & other; The looming & throughout; 。 Single brand known to work hard to survive multi-brand operation challenging Windows professional knows, large-scale enterprise group's general work together several brands, that, for a single brand is undoubtedly go & other; Wooden bridge aluminum manufacturer & throughout; 。 A single brand of enterprise operation indicates that from the beginning of last year gradually feel owe good single brand operation, once by single brand focusing on product is China merchants resilience, start investment is difficult, but the previous year exhibition of time dealers will doubt, why do so many years have not changed much. If continue operating a single brand, if annual sales of over 3 million, is very difficult to survive, 8 - single brand operation In the future will meet the bottleneck, the past 10 years to open new product series is very unlucky. Single brand operation for a long time, if the enterprise want to multiple brands, will be more and more difficult, but if abandon its development strategy, multi-brand operation, also need courage, a few years ago many brand power enterprises to open its soil, now many brands are facing great pressure. Investment problems, high inventory pressures and brand operation is the doors and Windows enterprise widespread three & other; Pain points throughout the &; , how to solve the three & other; Pain points throughout the &; , also need Windows and doors enterprises themselves, according to their own development, looking for the right breakthrough method.
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