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Don't be puzzled by low-cost teach you choose aluminum alloy profiles

by:AAG     2020-11-08

now. Don't be puzzled by low-cost teach you choose aluminum profiles industry profiles have a good mind is not clear, even more, as long as a brand new product, its profile small workshops will soon have & other; The same throughout the &; Things appear. These products for consumers to dazzling, more can't tell which one is & other; Quality goods & throughout; Which one is & other; Imitations & throughout; , which is good, which is bad, because look from the appearance is not too big difference. Today the shield door taught people how to distinguish. Look at the aluminum profiles in addition to see on the surface of the color and the style, color section must examine, aluminum good aluminum profile section is silvery white, the color and texture is very uniform, if is not the same as the color black or it could be waste aluminum and other materials of refining, and this must not be selected. Besides the above two important items need to check, the thickness of aluminum alloy profiles also need to pay attention to profiles. Gb is 1. 2 - 1. 4 thick. 1 now. 2 is too thin, now the thinnest brand profile will be 1. 4 thick. Small workshops of products in order to save costs will be lower than the standard. So choose pay attention to the measure. See marks brand aluminum alloy profiles produced products will, in addition to the basic factory name, brand, outside the formal packaging, doors and shall also have the logo on the glass. See don't look down upon this hardware accessories hardware accessories, like hinge, hinge, handle all of these are the most frequently used, the stand or fall of aluminium alloy profile its hardware accessories directly affects the service life of the material, so some good brand profile company is a big brand of hardware. When choosing material, need to fit your own first, and good quality, so want to polish eyes, learn more, do not be fooled by a low prices. We all know the price and quality is proportional to the.
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