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differences between stainless steel and aluminum sheet

by:AAG     2020-11-05
Aluminum sheet is a popular material with different applications on different life paths.They are used as metals such as steel, copper, brass, zinc, lead or titanium.It\'s silver.white, non-Magnetic and tough metals.Although it may be a bit difficult to find aluminum sheet suppliers in the vast market.
Stainless steel is cast iron alloy with at least 10 kinds.5% chromium.Other alloy elements are added to enhance their structure and properties such as molding, strength and low temperature toughness.What is the difference between stainless steel and aluminum?From aluminum to stainless steel, the strength and weight ratio are different.
Aluminum is usually not as strong as steel, but it also weighs almost 1 out of 3 of steel.So the plane is made of aluminum.The thermal conductivity of aluminum is higher than that of stainless steel.Therefore, aluminum is used for car radiators and air conditioning equipment.
Stainless steel consists of iron, nickel, chromium, manganese and copper.Chromium is a reagent that provides corrosion resistance.Because steel is notPorous, increased corrosion resistance.
Aluminum has high oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance due to its good surface.When the aluminum is oxidized, its surface becomes white and sometimes blistering.Aluminum can be quickly corroded in an acidic or alkaline environment with disastrous consequences.
Because the aluminum supplier uses recycled aluminum, it is very eye-catching because it is economical and environment-friendly.Therefore, aluminum is cheaper than stainless steel.Stainless steel is harder to form than aluminum.
Again, aluminum is softer than stainless steel and easier to cut and form.Stainless steel is difficult to use due to its wear resistance and wear resistance.Stainless steel is easier to weld than aluminum.
Aluminum will become very soft at about 400 degrees or more, but stainless steel can be used at a much higher temperature than this.Stainless steel is a bad conductor compared to most metals.Aluminum, on the other hand, is a very good electrical conductor.
Due to its high conductivity, light weight, corrosion resistance, highThe voltage of overhead power lines is usually made of aluminum.Stainless steel reacts less to food, but aluminum reacts to food and even affects the color and taste of the food.The main requirement of stainless steel is to have corrosion resistance in a specific application or environment.
Choose stainless steel of a specific type or grade and must initially meet the requirements for corrosion resistance.Additional mechanical or physical performance may also need to be considered in order to meet the overall service performance requirements.The production of aluminum is obtained from mineral bauxite.
First, the ore is converted into alumina (alumina) and Bayer process.Then, alumina is then converted into aluminum metal by cathode through HallHeroult process.It takes about 14,000 KW hours to produce 1 ton of new aluminum.
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