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dies used in the aluminum tube bending process

by:AAG     2020-11-05
In practice, when a person has to bend the aluminum tube according to the purpose of the final product, a different technique is adopted.
While some pipes are bent with compression, others are Bent with a core shaft or ring roller, more depending on the type of application of the end product in the market.
Curved aluminum tubes have different uses in different fields.
Now, in addition to benders, what makes it possible to bend the pipes and pipes is to bend the mold, the fixture mold and the pressure mold.
Bending die: bending die is one of the basic tools needed for bending.
With the help of the mold, the radius of the operation is determined.
Depending on the final result required, there are different types of curved molds.
Some of them are one-
Piece mold, platform mold and insert mold.
Although the single piece bending mold is the most affordable and the best performance mold, if you want a small center line radius, the platform mold is what you need to use, the inserted mold provides versatility in your operation.
Therefore, each mold has its own use and benefits.
The fixture mold is used to clamp the metal during bending.
There are different types of fixture molds such as composite fixture part molds, reach adjusting clam molds, custom fixture molds and goose neck fixture molds.
All of these fixture molds provide different outputs, so they must be selected based on the final product you want.
Pressure mould: some different types of pressure mould are static mould, moving mould and adjusting mould.
The pressure mold works during bending by applying pressure to the metal.
While the static die does not move throughout the process, in some cases the traveling pressure die moves at a bending speed or faster than the bending speed.
These are some of the molds used during the bending of aluminum tubes.
When choosing between different types of molds, you have to remember the final product you want and then discuss the same issue with the supplier.
Only when you use the correct mold in your operation will you get a satisfactory result.
Make sure to do your research when listing your suppliers in a short time so you can make a lot of money.
Past experience and the services provided by aluminum tube bending suppliers are also important.
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