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Demand tongling nonferrous performance losses 6 in 2015. 600 million | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

tongling nonferrous on 15 April 2015 results announcement, announcement, tongling nonferrous 2015 operating income of 86. 8 billion yuan, 88. 8 billion yuan over the same period of last year, falling by 2. 16%; Belonging to shareholders of listed companies net profit of - 6. 6. 6 billion yuan, 300 million yuan over the same period of last year, compared with the fall of 321. 66%. Announcement, in 2015, national economy enters a new normal growth is shifting, commodities demand, prices continue to shock the downside, the RMB exchange rate volatility, falling, bring severe challenges to the company the production and business operation, the company losses, is expected to net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from the previous decline in 321. 66%. Facing the unfavorable situation, company management layer under the correct leadership of the board of directors, closely around the annual policy goals, are actively adapt to the economy in the new normal, with steady increase, in order to increase efficiency, continuous deepening of the exploration. Through the efforts, the production and business operation to the contrarian, company main production remained stable growth. Research in the United States announced plans to aluminum matrix composites for improved laser gain medium than Shanghai di for your reading: industrial aluminum stamping process should pay attention to the problem and method of Shanghai than heavy series of aluminum profile expanding aluminum high-end demand resolve aluminium industry overcapacity
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