Aluminum tube and square

Decorative aluminum sealing plastic plug 4040 r sealing plate plate aluminum sealing industrial aluminium profile accessories

by:AAG     2020-11-13
Face plate is used to cover the profile of the end face, already beautiful and safe.
due to the goods of the type, please make sure the selected European standard or national standard oh
material: strengthen nylon
black supply aluminum decorative aluminum sealing plastic sealing plug 4040 r aluminum plate cover sealing industrial aluminum accessories, aluminum brace, 50100 anchor, black anchor. 30 series aluminum, aluminum accessories, 35 series aluminum, 40 series aluminum, 45 series aluminum, 5, 0 series aluminum, 60 series aluminum series, 75 series aluminum, 80 aluminum series, 90 series aluminum, 100 aluminum and auxiliary do door and window, aluminium etc. Supply can be made according to the size of cutting aluminum 4040 c, oubiao 4040 c aluminum extrusions, machinery and equipment frame, support, placements, colleges and universities test bed, different stages, kanban, trolley, warehouse material engraving machine frame, mesh plate frame, aluminum plastic box, energy-saving light box, supply aluminum frame component parts oubiao aluminum assembly parts, aluminum accessories; Stainless steel workbench. Accessories, exterior Angle, supply logistics warehousing equipment, wi fixtures, grille lamp series, refined aesthetic appearance steering Angle, Angle of three dimensional, inside parts, T bolt, T nut, elastic fasteners, built-in fittings, right Angle connection pin,
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